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Zoom Phone - Getting Started: Initial Login, Setup and New User Checklist

A brief overview of getting started with the new Zoom Phone.

NDSU is launching an all-new telephone system to give you access anywhere you go. Zoom Phone will be a new component added to the Zoom application you’re already familiar with. Now you can make and receive calls from your existing Zoom app on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone without having to use your cell number.

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Login and Important Settings in the Zoom Web Portal

  1. Visit the sign-in page for NDSU Zoom and login with your Bison Login.
  2. Upon sign in, you will be taken to your profile page. Please navigate to Personal and Phone. 
  3. Explore the Settings tab to customize your Zoom Phone preferences. 

  4. Settings you may want to change right away:
    1. Change you voicemail greeting: under Call Handling section > Greeting & Leave voicemail instruction > Edit. Please see How to Add a Custom Voicemail Greeting for more information.
    2. If you need another person to take calls for you:  Delegation & Assistant section > Assign delegation privileges to > Add. Please see Assign Delegation Privileges and Accepting a Delegation Request for more information.
    3. Add phone widget to your computer’s desktop. Please see Using the Zoom Assistant for more information.

Login and Configuration Steps for the Zoom Desktop Application

For computers managed by NDSU IT 

Zoom Desktop Client has been installed on computers managed by NDSU IT and the application will automatically start when you login.

To use Zoom Phone, log into the desktop client with your NDSU account (must use the SSO button to get to the proper place for entering username and password).

Setting Zoom on Startup for computers (Windows and MacOS) that are not managed by NDSU IT

To ensure you can access Zoom Phone with the latest features, download the latest version of the desktop client. After installing Zoom client, the best practice is to have Zoom start when your computer boots up.

  1.  Launch your Zoom desktop application.
  2. Click on your profile icon/picture (top-right of app window).
  3. Select Settings from the drop-down list.

  4. Select General tab and make sure that the box next to "Start Zoom when I start Windows" is checked.

  5. Zoom Phone - 911 Emergency Calling Set Up Instructions
For All Apple Mac Users:
  1. Setting up Zoom to start automatically (allows you to receive calls right away).
  2. Launch the Zoom application on your Mac.
  3. Right-click the Zoom app in the Dock, select Options > Open at Login.
  4. For convenience and faster access, it is also recommended to check the option Keep in Dock.

  5. Zoom Phone - 911 Emergency Calling Set Up Instructions

    New Zoom Phone User Checklist

    Once your department has migrated to Zoom Phone, please do the following:

    Setup Instruction: 

    Checklist of Items to test and get to know your new phone:

    • Change your voicemail greeting (login into NDSU Zoom portal). 
    • Notice your app shows a temporary phone number at the bottom (Note: any call to your regular NDSU number will ring your Zoom Phone).
    • Make a call to a colleague on campus - the called person may see your temp number in caller ID.
    • Make a call to an off-campus number with area code (example: XXX-XXX-XXXX) - it uses a temp phone number for caller ID.
    • Call yourself from a cell phone or a different extension and leave yourself voicemail.
      • Verify the system sent you an email with the voicemail message transcript and attached .MP3 file
    • Transfer a call - you can do this by having a colleague give you a call.
    • SMS messaging - try sending/receiving text, perhaps using an NDSU or personal mobile phone (please note, caller ID number will show the temp phone number)  *Feature coming soon! 
    • Unplug the AVAYA phone and put it in the box at the designated location for your department.

    If you are a member of call queues or have auto receptionists:

    • Take yourself in and out of your department’s call queue (click your profile icon (upper right) > Receive Shared Calls).
    • Call the auto reception and test the options.
    • Personalize call queue or auto receptionist greetings if appropriate.
    Reporting Zoom Phone service issues:
    • Please contact the Help Desk at x1-8685 or
    • The HelpDesk and VCS will be in constant communication to address issues as expediently as possible.

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