Zoom Phone - Using the Zoom Assistant

Zoom Assistant is a small desktop panel/widget that allows users to make and receive calls, transfer calls, manage speed dial, and easily locate their contacts using much less screen real estate than the Zoom application.

Zoom Assistant is a compact desktop panel that appears as an additional Zoom desktop widget. The panel can be docked to the left and right sides of a computer screen (and anywhere vertically).

Note: make sure to sign in to your Zoom client with Bison Login to use Zoom Assistant, and the desktop panel will automatically open if the feature is enabled. Zoom desktop client for Windows or macOS, version 5.11.3 or higher is required.

How to Enable Zoom Assistant from your Web Portal 

Enable the Zoom Assistant directly from your account on the web:

  1. Sign into the NDSU Zoom Web Portal
  2. In the navigation menu, click Settings, then click the Zoom Assistant tab from the right-most side.

  3. Click the toggle  to enable Zoom Assistant if its not enabled.
  4. Check the checkbox beside Phone. Then, click Save

How to Toggle the Visibility for Zoom Assistant from your Zoom Desktop Client 

You can enable 'Phone' within Zoom Assistant while signed in to your Zoom Desktop Client.

  1. Sign into your Zoom desktop client using Bison Login.
  2. On the top-right, click your profile picture or name initials and click Settings.

  3. Click on the General tab. 
  4. Under Zoom Assistant, select Phone. The Zoom Assistant desktop panel will display.

  5. The widget shows up on your desktop. It can be moved anywhere on the screen and left there like any other window, or it can be set to the side of the screen to use only a small sliver of real estate unless a call comes in or you want to make a call.
    1. You can move the widget to the left- or right-hand side of the screen and anywhere vertically. If you push about half of the widget beyond the side of the screen it will attach there in its                     most compact mode.
    2. Click anywhere on the small edge of the compacted widget and it expands to its useful size. 
  6. If you want to disable Zoom Assistant -
    1. Uncheck Phone, to remove the visibility of Zoom Assistant. 
    2. From the Zoom Assistant desktop panel, click your profile icon or name initials, then click Close Assistant


Making a Call from Zoom Assistant 

  1. In the search bar of Zoom Assistant, enter the name of the user or phone number you want to call.
    1. If the user already exists, on the right of their name, click the arrow icon, select their direct or extension number, and then click the phone icon.
    2. If the user doesnt exist, on the right of the number, click the phone icon.
  2. If you have speed dial set up, click on their profile icon or name initials, then click Call.

Receiving a Call from Zoom Assistant 

  1. When receiving calls, you will see inbound call notifications simultaneously on both the desktop Zoom Assistant panel and the Zoom desktop client in the Lines tab.
  2. Click the answer or decline icon in either window. 

Managing the Speed Dials from Zoom Assistant 

  1. Under the search bar in your Zoom Assistant panel, click the plus icon    where it shows 'Add to speed dial'.
  2. In the search contacts, enter the name or phone number of the user.
  3. On the right of the name, click the plus icon  .
  4. On the right of your speed dial icon, click the more options icon , then do one of the following:
  5. Click the drag icon  , to move the speed dial up and down the list.
  6. Click the trash icon  to delete it. 

Missing Zoom Assistant Tab in Settings

We are aware of an issue regarding the inability to locate the Zoom Assistant tab under Settings in the Zoom web portal. If you are unable to find it in the Zoom portal, please follow the steps outlined above to to toggle the visibility for Zoom Assistant from your Zoom Desktop Client. If you are unable to locate it in either the web portal or the desktop client, please Submit a ticket so that we can enable it for you.

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