Zoom Common Area Phone (Poly) Voicemail Information

This document shows step by step guidelines for accessing your Zoom Common Area (Poly) Phone's voicemail system.

Using your Voicemail

There are several ways you will know you have a new voicemail message:

  • You will see the status indicator light flashing red on your desk phone.
  • There will be a message icon on your phone's LED display.
  • When you pick up your phone, the dial tone will play a little faster for a few seconds.
  • You will receive a notification in your email with the message attached.

Accessing your Voicemail

  1. Enter *86 and then press the Dial soft key to access your voicemail.
    1. You can also access your voicemail by pressing the Home button and selecting Messages.
  2. Enter your PIN number followed by #. 
  3. You are now at the voicemail main menu.

Listening to your Voicemail Messages

  • Dial *86 or use the home navigation menu to access your voicemail. 
  • Enter your PIN number followed by #.
  • Press 1 to listen to your messages.
  • The system will tell you how many new and old voicemails you have. It will automatically start playing your newest voicemail first.
  • While listening to a voicemail, you can: 
    • Press 2 to save the message. 
    • Press 3 to delete the message. 
    • Press 4 to repeat the message.
    • Press 5 to skip to the next message.
  • When you reach the end of your messages, the system will disconnect you.

Recording a Voicemail Greeting

Note that currently, only those with a hard phone associated with their extension will be able to set a voicemail greeting. Those using true Common Area Phones will not have the ability to set their voicemail greeting using this menu. If you need a greeting set up on your Common Area Phone, you will need to request it from VCS. Ensure in that request you include the verbiage of the greeting they want set up on that Common Area Phone line.

  • Dial *86 or use the home navigation menu to access your voicemail. 
  • Enter your PIN number followed by #.
  • Press 2 to record a new voicemail greeting.
  • When prompted start recording the message. Press * to re-record or press any other key to stop recording.
  • The system will play back your recording. Press 1 to save this new voicemail greeting or press 2 to re-record.
  • When you save the new voicemail greeting, you will be taken back to the voicemail main menu.

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