Transferring a Call On Your Zoom Common Area (Poly) Phone

This article will go over the basic process for transferring a call on your Zoom Common Area (Poly) Phone.

Transferring a Call

The process to transfer a call on your Zoom Common Area Phone is simple.

Call transfer button on Zoom Common Area phones

  1. During a call, begin a transfer by either hitting the Transfer Call key or by hitting the context-sensitive soft key that says "Transfer" above it on the LCD screen.
    1. For more information about the keys available on a Zoom Common Area Phone, read our article on Zoom Common Area Phone (Poly) Basics.
  2. The LCD screen will update to showing a dial screen, letting you enter the number or extension you'd like to transfer the current call to. The caller will hear hold music until the call transfer is completed.
    1. You can also choose to transfer the call to another line by selecting the "Line" option using a soft key.
    2. You can also choose between having a "warm" transfer or a "blind" transfer. Information about this option will be in a section below.
  3. Once you've dialed the number you'd like to transfer the call to, select the "Send" option using a soft key. The call will either be directly transferred or you will connect with the number you're transferring the call to and be able to explain the call you're transferring to them depending on the transfer option you've selected beforehand.

"Warm" (Consultative) Transfer Versus "Blind" Transfer

When choosing to transfer a call, you have a choice between making a "warm", or Consultative, transfer, where you will be connected to the number you're transferring the call to before the transfer happens, letting you explain why you're transferring the call to this number, or a "blind" transfer, where the call will immediately be transferred to the number you've entered and your call will end. To switch between these choices, an option will be presented on your LCD screen as you're transferring the call. Either "Consultative" or "Blind Transfer" will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, and hitting the soft key associated with the option will switch between the two. Whatever choice is displayed on the LCD screen will NOT be the option used for the call transfer. If your LCD screen shows "Consultative", a Blind Transfer will be performed instead. Hitting the soft key associated with this option is choosing to perform the type of transfer shown when you hit the button.

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