Teaching with Zoom

NDSU uses Zoom web conferencing to support classes and meetings. This guide will help you getting set up with your NDSU Zoom license and teaching your Zoom class sessions.

Getting Started

Scheduling Your Zoom Class

After activating your account the next step in using Zoom as a delivery method for your course is to decide where to best place Zoom sessions. The recommendation is to create your class sessions in Blackboard Learn Original. If already created in the Zoom web portal, import the session(s) into Blackboard Learn Original. This provides students with a link to each of the class sessions and recordings within their Blackboard Learn Original course site. When using the Zoom/Blackboard integration, all meetings and recordings can be managed from a central area in Blackboard Learn Original. Instructors are able to schedule new meetings and students can join from a single link inside a Blackboard Learn Original course. Detailed information on how to get started with scheduling your Zoom connections in Blackboard Learn Original can be found here:

Zoom - Using Zoom in Blackboard Learn Original

Preparing For Your First Class

Whether you are teaching using web conferencing during a whole or just part of a class, it is important to be prepared. The following resources are meant to provide ideas and best practices when teaching to students in a hybrid environment, using webconference software. The first resource contains ideas and checklists when preparing to teach in a hybrid environment to students both in class and remote. The second resource discusses webconference software more specifically and provides a thorough overview of the everything to know before your first class. Lastly, a Zoom specific page presents more detailed information on how to use this software in your classroom.

Teaching HyFlex

Web Conferencing During Class Best Practices

Zoom - Preparing for and Joining Your Zoom Class Meeting

During Class

Zoom Security

Security consideration are a critical component for every virtual meeting. Please use the following link to find a comprehensive overview of Zoom security settings.

Zoom - Security

Zoom Rooms

Starting your class with Zoom Rooms is fast and easy. No more need to sign into the computer to find your link, test your camera and mic, or use your phone to authenticate your account. Simply select the Start Zoom Rooms Call option from the touchscreen and then select your class connection from the meeting list.

Zoom Tools

This section contains some of the most frequently used tools inside of Zoom. Please click on the individual links to get more information.

Breakout Rooms are often used in class to allow groups of distance students to work collaboratively.

Screen Sharing is an important parts of most class connections, enabling the instructor to share the same content with in-person and distance students.

Using the Document Camera in a Videoconference Call - Additional information on sharing all sources available in an instrumented classroom at NDSU in a Zoom connection.

Conducting Polls in meetings can be a great way to evaluate understanding and create engagement.

After Class

Zoom Attendee Report

Zoom - Attendance Report for Meeting Hosts - After your meeting is done, you can get a meeting report of all students who attended the call.

Zoom Class Recording

Zoom Recording - Information on how to record your class and how to access the recording afterwards.

[Link for document 105377 is unavailable at this time] - Instructions on how to restrict access to your Zoom recording.

Additional Resources

The following resources are meant to provide additional support to instructors teaching with Zoom.

Accessibility Support

Captioning for Live & Recorded Web Conferencing Sessions


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