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Zoom - Using Zoom in Blackboard Learn Original

When using the Zoom/Blackboard integration, all meetings and recordings can be managed from a central area in Blackboard Learn Original. Instructors are able to schedule new meetings and students can join from a single link inside a Blackboard Learn Original course.

Create a Zoom Link in your Blackboard Learn Original Course

There are two different places to add a Zoom link for your class sessions; content area and/or course menu.

Content Area Link

In your Blackboard Learn Original course, go to any Content Area where you wish to create a Zoom link.
    1. In the top menu, select Tools and locate the Zoom-NDSU option.
    2. Give the tool a Name, and optional description. Other options include date and time restrictions, but each Zoom meeting will have its own scheduled time.
    3. Click Submit.
zoom content area

Course Menu Link 

As the Zoom link is important to students, you may want to place it in the course menu.

    1. Select the + sign at the top left of the menu. 
    2. Choose Tool Link, enter Zoom Class Sessions (or whatever name you want, maybe just Zoom).
    3. Select Zoom-NDSU for the type 
    4. Check Available to Users
    5. Click Submit.
zoom course menu picture

Schedule Zoom Meetings

  1. Click the Zoom link that you made in the Content Area, or Menu.
  2. The Upcoming Meetings tab should be highlighted.
  3. To create a new meeting, click the blue Schedule a New Meeting button at the top right.
 zoom bb menu

Meeting Settings

  1. Enter a Topic for the meeting. An optional Description is available if desired. Since this will be a recurring meeting, the Topic and Description will be reused for additional meetings and so are not specific to a given week’s topic (i.e. Chapter 1.) For the When field, enter the date for the first meeting. Subsequent meeting dates for the recurring meeting will be added later. Enter a Duration. Should the meeting run past the duration, no one will be kicked out, and students that still want to join will be able to.

    zoom class meetings option

Recurring Meeting Settings

  1. Upon checking the Recurring Meeting option, additional settings will appear. For our example we are meeting every Thursday, so select Weekly from the Recurrence drop menu. Set to Repeat every 1 week.
zoom recurring meeting

Edit Scheduled Meeting Settings

To make changes to meetings that have already been scheduled.

  1. Under the Upcoming Meetings tab click on the Title of the meeting you would like to edit.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Manage “Title of your Meeting” page and click on Edit this Meeting
  3. Make all changes to the settings needed Example: add Alternative Hosts to the meeting. This provides host access to your TA or Student Assistant to start the meeting and serve as host or co-host. If the meeting is a set up as recurring your changes will apply to all occurrences.
  4. Scroll to bottom of page and Save
  5. Click back on the Course Meetings navigational path to view the listing of all meetings.
edit zoom meeting image


  1. While still in the Manage “Title of your Meeting” scroll to the bottom, underneath the Edit the Meeting button.
  2. Poll section has the option to import a CSV file for a poll you would like to run during the meeting. There is also the option, during the meeting, to create a Poll “on-the-fly”.
zoom polling

Other Settings

  • Registration requires attendees to sign-up prior to joining the sessions. Since you know your students will be the ones attending, you will not likely need Registration.
  • With Video settings, you can determine whether the host or participants start with their video cameras on.
  • For Audio, it is recommended that you keep the default setting: Both. If anyone has trouble using their computer audio, they can use the Telephone as backup.

Require meeting password:

  • Requires attendees to enter a password. Only class members can find Zoom meetings made in Blackboard Learn Original unless outside users are specifically invited, which mostly negates the need for a password. But you could use this feature if you only wanted members of a certain group of students to access a meeting, by only giving that group the password.

Enable join before host:

  • Controls whether participants can come into the meeting room prior to the host joining.

Mute participants upon entry:

  • Controls whether students are initially muted, with their microphones disabled. Muted students can still use the chat function.

Enable waiting room:

  • Good for one-on-one meetings, like office hours. Students must first be granted entrance by you in order to access the meeting room.

Record the meeting automatically:

  • Turns the recording function on immediately at the start of the meeting. When this option is turned on, you are prompted whether to record to your local computer or to the cloud. Cloud recording are only stored for 270 days and then deleted.

Other Tabs

Instructors have four tabs along the top: Upcoming Meetings, Previous Meetings, Personal Meeting Room, and Cloud Recordings. Students just get three tabs, Upcoming Meetings and Previous Meetings, and Cloud Recordings.

Upcoming Meetings:

All current and future scheduled meetings appear here. If a meeting’s start time is met, users have the option to join the meeting. Instructors have a blue Schedule a New Meeting button; students do not.

Previous Meetings:

This tab lists your previous meetings. Students see any previous meetings that instructors made for the course. Recordings to these meetings are available in the Cloud Recordings tab.

Personal Meeting Room:

Instructors can use this tab to send invitations to their personal meeting room, and start the meeting using the blue Start Meeting button.

Cloud Recordings:

Lists any recordings that were saved to the cloud.

Attendance Report

Attendance Reports for completed sessions can be viewed and downloaded inside the Blackboard Learn Original course and through the Zoom web portal. The following lists how to view in Blackboard Learn Original.

  1. Go to the Zoom link in your course menu, Content area or through Tools.
  2. Click on the Previous Meetings tab to view the listing of all completed meetings. 
  3. Find the meeting and click on the Report link.
  4. The screen will show all attendees of the meeting including join and leave time.
  5. This view can be exported as a CSV file
  6. If Polling was used, the poll report is also included by clicking on the Poll Report tab.
zoom attendance option zoom poll report

Import Zoom Meeting created in Web Portal

If a Zoom meeting was first scheduled using the NDSU Zoom Web Portal it can be imported into the Blackboard Learn Original course. This may happen if Breakout Rooms are created for the meeting. The Blackboard-Zoom integration does not have the feature to add Breakout Rooms to the meeting. When Breakout Rooms are created in the Web Portal and imported into Blackboard Learn Original, the Breakout Rooms will work when the meeting starts.

  1. Once the meeting has been scheduled in the NDSU Zoom Web Portal, write down or copy the Meeting ID. Example: 598-378-174
  2. Log into Blackboard Learn Original and go to the course for the Zoom meeting.
  3. Click on the Zoom link in your course. You will see the Zoom LTI integration window listing Upcoming, Previous, Personal Meetings and Cloud Recording tabs.
  4. Above the tabs, on the top right click on the Three Dots and select Import Meeting.

    zoom import meeting

  5. A dialog box will appear with a space to add the Meeting ID you just copied from the portal.
  6. Paste or enter you Meeting ID and click Import.
  7. The Web Portal created meeting is now included in your Blackboard Learn Original course for students to log in to start the meeting.
  8. Students will also be able to view recordings when class is ended and processing complete by Zoom.

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