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End of the Semester Tips and Checklist

The end of the semester is almost here. To finish the semester, there are a few Blackboard Learn Original reminders and tips to help you with your courses.

Submitting Grades using Blackboard Learn Original and Campus Connection Grades Integration

The Blackboard Learn Original and Campus Connection grades integration feature makes it easy to import grades from Blackboard Learn Original  into Campus Connection. All Blackboard Learn Original course sites should already have a grade column added to the Grade Center titled CC Final Grade. This column is pre-configured to be the default grade column used with the Campus Connection grade import. After entering a final letter grade in the Blackboard Learn Original CC Final Grade column, instructors can log into Campus Connection and import final grades.

To complete the process, log into Campus Connection, select the Grade Roster for the course, and click the Import button.  More information is available describing the process at Blackboard Learn Original - Final Grade Integration to Campus Connection

Exporting the Grade Center

Do you prefer to save your Blackboard Learn Original grade book to a file on your computer at the end of the semester? Now is the time. Go to the Grade Center, and click Work Offline in the upper right corner. Download a copy that can be saved as an Excel file. See Working Offline for more information.

Export and Archive Courses

NDUS will archive all courses after the end of the semester.  If you would like to export your course please refer to Export and Archive Courses 

Saving Student Assignments

You can download assignment submissions to review them offline. Choose to download all or only selected submissions as a single ZIP file. Unzip or expand the file to view the contents. Each submission is saved as a separate file. See  Saving Student Assignments for more information.

Check and Reduce Course Size

It is recommended to limit course and organization site size to 3 GB and under. This ensures performance and functionality and reduces storage costs. Best Practice: Limit Course Size. Items to check in your course are; duplicated and unused files, video files not uploaded to YuJa, larger PowerPoint files, and PDFs.  For more information see Instructor Frequently Asked Questions, Manage Course Size.

YuJa Storage Cleanup

YuJa storage is limited. Student-proctored recordings must be deleted at the end of each semester. Additionally, remove any YuJa recordings that are not current, not linked to any of your courses, or are not used anymore. Learn how to download copies of your recordings, and remove unused files from YuJa. 

Downloading content and deleting content. If you are planning to reuse any recordings please beware of the NDSU FERPA Policy.

Zoom Cloud Storage Cleanup

Zoom cloud recordings are meant to be temporary (current semester or less). YuJa or OneDrive should be used for longer-term storage. If you used Zoom during the semester and recorded your class sessions to the cloud, you will want to download any recordings you would like to keep and delete the rest. Learn more about downloading Zoom cloud recordings using this link: Zoom Cloud Recording Management. If you are planning to reuse any recordings please beware of the NDSU FERPA Policy.

Instructional Design

As you start planning for next semester, remember our team of instructional designers is here to help you develop new courses, redesign existing courses, provide course reviews, give recommendations for incorporating new technologies, and more. If you would like to work with an Instructional Designer, please view our LAIC webpage and submit a consultation request. 

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