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Blackboard - Final Grade Integration to Campus Connection

Below are instructions for importing final grades from Blackboard into Campus Connection.

Faculty have the option to import final grades into Campus Connection (CC). This integration allows the instructor of record to import final grades from Blackboard courses directly into Campus Connection. 

A pre-configured grade column called “CC Final Grade” can be used after grades are typed into this column. Faculty should not delete this column from the Grade Center. (If you do not want to use the column for importing grades directly to Campus Connections, hide this column from your view and do nothing.) 

Using the CC Final Grade column is optional. A different grade column (e.g., Total) can be used, so long as that column meets the specified configuration. 

For the grade integration to work using either the CC Final Grade or other column, follow these steps:

Pre-configure "CC Final Grade" Column Directions

  1. Type a final grade in the column
  2. Set this column as the External Grade column. The green check mark is a visual indicator that it is the External Grade column. 
  3. To set the “CC Final Grade” column to the External Grade: Select the context menu to the right of the column name and select Set as External Grade in the menu. The green check will appear to the left of the new selection. 

Optional grade column directions for import to Campus Connection:

  1. Set the desired column as the External Grade column.
  2. Change the Primary display of the column to a Grading Schema that matches the Campus Connection Grading Basis [CC Final Grade (GRD)]. 
  3. To set the desired column to the External Grade: 
    1. Select the context menu to the right of the column name and click Set as External Grade in the menu. 
    2. The green check will appear. 
  4. To change the Column Primary Display: 
    1. Select the option menu for the grade column and select Edit Column Information. 
    2. Set the primary display to the proper grading schema in the drop-down selection (CC Final Grade (GRD). For more information on changing the grading schemas, refer to the Grading Schema section. 
  5. Submit 

Grading Schemas 

To have the Blackboard Learn grade values match what Campus Connection requires, letter schemas are used within Blackboard Learn. The grading schemas are pre-populated in the Learn course and have a percentage range set, 90%-100%=A, 80%-90%=B, etc. A faculty member can modify the percentage range that correspond to the letter values in Blackboard Learn.

  1. Hover over the Manage menu and select Grading Schemas
  2. Select the option menu next to the target grade schema and select edit
  3. Modify the left-hand column to the desired percentage range. 
  4. Select Submit
To import, follow Blackboard - Importing Grades to Campus Connection

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