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Zoom - Guide for Students

NDSU uses Zoom web conferencing to support classes and meetings. This guide will help you getting set up with your NDSU Zoom license and joining your Zoom class sessions.

Zoom Guide for Students

Zoom can also be used for many things outside of class:

  • Meet with group members for projects and assignments
  • Work on homework with classmates
  • Record a presentation
  • Schedule online tutoring
  • Host a meeting for a club or organization

What devices can I use Zoom on?

  • Laptop/desktop computer (Windows/Mac) – recommended
  • Tablet (Apple iOS, Android)
  • Smartphone (Apple iOS, Android) – not recommended for class

Let’s get started with a YouTube video by Zoom, just for students - Zoom EDU: Zoom for Students 

Step by Step Guide to Using Zoom for Class

The following is a listing of articles to help you getting the most out of your NDSU Zoom account. The FIRST, most important step, is to Activate your account.

  • Activate your account: Zoom - Activate Your NDSU Zoom Account
  • Download and install the Zoom desktop client on your computer or mobile device.
  • Check to make sure your Zoom desktop client is updated - Update Zoom Desktop Client
  • Add your profile pictureZoom - Personalize Your Account
  • Zoom - Preparing for and Joining Your Zoom Class Meeting  
    • Download the Zoom Client
    • What equipment do I need?
    • Test camera and microphone – best camera angle, audio
    • Log in early 
  • Navigating the different Zoom features and tools available – Zoom - Navigating different features and tools available
    • Raise hand feature
    • How to use chat
    • Watch your instructor’s screen and share yours
    • Annotate and mark on the screen
    • Chat with the whole class or individuals
    • Write on the whiteboard
  • Breakout Rooms are group sessions that are split off from the main Zoom class meeting. You can meet in smaller group and re-join the main class when the designated time is up or the work is completed. Breakout rooms include audio, video, chat and sharing features.
    • Breakout sessions can be recorded (if allowed) to your local computer. The recording is not a part of the main class session recording.
    • For more information on entering, asking for help, and leaving breakout sessions go to the Zoom Help Center, Participating in Breakout Rooms
  • Schedule your own meeting 
    • First step is to login to your Zoom account at the webpage portal or open and login to your Zoom desktop client
    • Scheduling your own meetings outside of class
      • You don’t have to wait for class to start to use Zoom. 
      • You can use Zoom to: 
        • Reach out to your instructor for an office hour or meeting
        • Meet with classmates about a project
        • Ask questions
        • Have discussions
    • The Zoom Help Center includes multiple methods to schedule meetings Scheduling A Meeting 
    • Personal meetings are useful when starting an instant meeting, Personal meeting ID (PMI) and personal link

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