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Zoom - Navigating different features and tools available

The Zoom menu contains several features that can be used at any time throughout class meetings. For laptops, Windows, and Macs the menu can be found by hovering over the bottom of the Zoom window. In the Zoom desktop client, the menu can be accessed by tapping the bottom of the client window.

Zoom Menu Features

If you don't see all those features, please click on "More." From there, you can drag and drop any features that you would like to have on the menu bar.

Zoom menu image
  • Mute: Silences and un-silences your microphone.
  • Invite: This lets you bring more people into the if your instructor/meeting host provides those permissions.
  • Share Screen: Allows you to share a variety of windows and applications. Participants can share views of their desktops and specific windows currently open on their computer, write on a digital whiteboard, and even share a screen directly from their iPhone or iPad. For more information on screen sharing go to the Zoom Help Center, Sharing your screen


Note: It is helpful to have two monitors when sharing screens for easier access to the meeting controls

  • Whiteboard: the Whiteboard feature will allow you to share a whiteboard that everyone, if allowed, will be able to annotate. For more information on this go to the Zoom Help Center, Sharing a whiteboard
whiteboard tools image Zoom annotate tools
  • Chat: Works just like Facebook Messenger, but without the fun GIFs and stickers. You can send messages to everyone, just the instructor/meeting host, or a specific person (depending on the permissions set by the meeting host). For more information go to the Zoom Help Center, Using in-meeting chat and select whether you are using a computer or Android/iOS mobile device.
  • Record: If the meeting host allows it, you can record and download as much of the meeting as you want. More information on recording can be found at the Zoom Help Center, Local recording  NOTE: Class recordings may not be shared outside of class. Refer to Code of Student Conduct regarding privacy, responsibilities and respect.
  • Leave Meeting: Click Leave Meeting when you're ready to leave.
  • More (on the Zoom client/app): Allows you to Raise your Hand, and other features. Check out the Zoom Help Center article on Nonverbal feedback during meetings and scroll down to Providing and managing feedback.


Immersive Features for Your Zoom Sessions


The newest Zoom update allows you to invite more participation and add everyone’s video inside a new shared scene, including one you upload yourself. The new Immersive View is only active for Hosts of a Zoom room; however, a Host can give Host permission to anyone else in your room. Zoom also now offers more emojis and a vanishing pen!


Before Your Meeting


Immersive View in Meeting

  • Read this article from Zoom's support page to see how to enable Immersive View
  • Sign into your Zoom Client (Turn on in Settings prior to meeting)
  • This feature is available to the Host only, but a host can assign another person as Host (under Participants > More)
  • Click View (upper right corner of video screen), select Immersive View, and choose one of the Scene options
  • Click Start

Immersive View screenshot

Place participants into view - Automatically - or, Manually



  • Each scene allows a different number of participant video images.
  • Click the + to add your own scene image.
  • Click on anyone’s image to move/resize it.
  • Users may need to log in to their Zoom Client or they see only the camera images, and not the scene. Ask your attendees to log into Zoom before joining the meeting.
  • Test before the meeting with a friend.
  • Immersive view does not carry into Breakout rooms and is not available during Screen Share.
  • Immersive view is not available on Chromebooks, iPads or any device that doesn’t support virtual backgrounds.


More emojis

Select Reactions and click on the three dots to expose more emoji options.

Reactions and more emojis screenshot

More emojis available ....


Vanishing Pen

Available to the person sharing their screen: Select Annotate, Spotlight, and the Pen icon. The drawing disappears after 2 seconds.

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