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Tips to Increase Internet Connection Strength

Below are some tips to help increase the strength of your internet connection.

Basic Tips to Increase Connection

  • Use wired connection
    • Wired connections transmit your data in a much more efficient way than wireless ones. Therefore, you should consider attaching an Ethernet cable to your device as this can significantly increase your bandwidth. Don’t forget to run a test afterward to see if there’s any improvement.
  • Try different browsers
    • The browser you use can also affect the quality of your web access. Chrome and Firefox are the browsers that are most recommended to use due to their reliability. Thus, do not forget to download new browser updates when they become available.
    • If you keep your browser up to date but the problem remains, you can even try to switch it for another one to see if this makes a difference.
  • Turn off background apps
    • The apps you leave running in the background can slow down your system or even consume some extra bandwidth.
  • Turn off the Camera, if in a Synchronous (web conferencing) Session
    • Using a camera during synchronous sessions can use up bandwidth. Turning the camera off can make your connection stronger.

How to Improve Your Router’s Bandwidth

  • Change the location of your router or device
    • Shortening the distance between your router and your devices increases your internet speed and strength as the wireless signal has to travel less distance
  • Reboot your router
    • Routers can get overworked and start to slow down, shutting it off for 10-20 minutes and allowing the router to cool down and clear its information can allow the router to run smoother and give a better connection
  • Update your router’s software & check the settings
    • Each router has its own software that you have to regularly update.  
  • Get a high-end router
    • Getting a high-end dual-bandwidth router instead of an old-school one might be a good idea if you stay in a location with too many routers and your WiFi channel gets overcrowded.
    • A dual bandwidth router broadcasts on two frequencies – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, letting you use each frequency separately or both simultaneously.  By switching to one of these frequencies, you can avoid signal jamming and as a result, increase your bandwidth.

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