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Intructor Getting Started

Below are instructions on getting started with pointsolutions at NDSU.

Instructors must create a pointsolutions account in Blackboard before they are able to use it in the classroom. With a pointsolutions account, instructors can log in to the application to start polls, manage session data, and view student responses. Visit Creating a pointsolutions Account if you need assistance creating your account. 

What will I need?

To get started instructors will need the following: 
  • A pointsolutions Instructor Kit which includes a receiver and clicker
  • Access to PowerPoint
The Instructor Kit is available to pick up in the Learning and Applied Innovation Center (LAIC) located in QBB room 150C. 
With the pointsolutions software, students have two options to answer the questions. The first is by using their mobile devices such as a phone, tablet, or laptop. Students will need to download the pointsolutions app or go to the pointsolutions website and sign in with their NDSU credentials (typically  The other option is for students to purchase a clicker which connects to the polling software with the receiver and answer that way. Note: students using the clicker will not be able to see the question on their clicker so clickers are only used for in-person teaching. 
Instructors must sync their courses before they proceed.  If you need help syncing your course visit Syncing Blackboard Course Grade Center with pointsolutions for detailed instructions.   

What is next?

The receiver in your Instructor Kit will have all the pointsolutions software downloaded to it (PC and Mac versions).  When you open the version that matches your computer and sign in with your NDSU credentials (typically then you should see the pointsolutions dashboard (pictured below).
The dashboard is split into a few sections. 
  1. Section one is the dashboard tabs, this is where you will find the information for each section. Polling is where you deal with polling, content is where you deal with content, and manage is where you deal with managing grades or uploading them to Blackboard.
  2. Section two is where you see your synced courses and can select the course before opening a polling option.
  3. Section three is where you can change the receiver number that the clickers will connect to.
    • Each room at NDSU has been assigned a channel to avoid interference, you will find the list of classrooms and their channel number for your you will receiver use. 
  4. Section four is where you enable mobile responses, this is how the students will connect their phones or laptops to the polling.
  5. Section five is where you select which polling option you would like to use.
  6. Section six is where you see content that you made in the content tab.
  7. Section seven is where you see your current version or check for updates.  

Classroom Receiver Channels

By default, pointsolutions clicker devices connect to "Channel 41". A specific channel is assigned to each room to prevent interference with pointsolutions clickers in use in other classrooms. Instructors must change the default channel setting in their pointsolutions application to the designated room channel before starting a clicker session. Students must also change the channel setting on their clicker device to the same channel the instructor's receiver uses in that classroom. Instructors should communicate the channel number to students before students begin responding. A complete list of the classroom channels can be found at pointsolutions Classroom Channels

Remote Student Participation

pointsolutions can also be used even with online courses. This requires students to have a device that is connected to the web (laptop, desktop, mobile) and not a clicker.  There are a couple of things you need to know when using pointsolutions in this setting.
  1. First, you need to make sure your location-based settings are turned off, if you haven’t turned them on then you don’t need to worry about it. This is a setting that some instructors use to enhance their learning experience, and just a reminder for those instructors to turn it off.
  2. Second, once you open the session make sure you inform the students of the session ID, this is important because they need that ID to be able to answer the questions and receive their points.
  3. Finally, make sure that when setting up your questions you allow the question to be viewed on the devices, by default the students should be able to see the question. This again is for those instructors that have changed the setting to enhance their classroom experience.
For further information below are a few links provided by pointsolutions that might answer a few of your questions.

NDSU Bookstore

Contact the NDSU Bookstore to make them aware students in your course require a pointsolutions clicker. Advise your students to purchase a clicker from the NDSU Bookstore. Students can find information about registering their clickers at Student Getting Started

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