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Below is an overview for instructors on TurningPoint and Blackboard.

Creating a TurningPoint Account in Blackboard

You must create a TurningPoint account in Blackboard before you are able to use it in the classroom. With a TurningPoint account, instructors can login to the application to start polls, manage session data, and view student responses.

Steps to create your TurningPoint account

  1. Login to Blackboard with NDUS credentials and passphrase
  2. Enter any course
  3. Click Tools > Turning Account Registration - NDSU
  4. At the InCommon Login Page for Turning Account, you will need to enter your NDSU credentials (What you use to log into NDSU computers)
  5. Select Create Account and follow the prompts
    • Note: Once you have a TurningPoint Account, make sure to sync your Blackboard course(s) roster to your TurningPoint Account! Your Blackboard course needs to be (and kept) "Available" to sync the roster.

Sync Current Blackboard Course Roster with TurningPoint

Note: Blackboard courses must be made available and stay available in order for this process to work.

Follow these instructions each semester you use TurningPoint.
  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Enter any course and make it available
  3. Click Tools > Turning Account Registration
  4. Login to TurningPoint with your Turning Account credentials
  5. Scroll down to "Available Courses" > locate your course for the current term
  6. Click Connect at the bottom of the 'card' for the course(s) you wish to sync - that course will move to the "Current Courses" list at the top of the page
  7. Click View at the bottom of a course 'card' to see the class roster and view each student's Turning Account status

Poll Types

Three different polling types are available:
  1. PowerPoint Polling is directly integrated into PowerPoint slides to keep interactive presentations functioning seamlessly.
  2. Anywhere Polling is an interactive toolbar that allows you to poll over top of web pages, videos, documents or any application.
  3. Self-Paced Polling is used to launch assessments, evaluations and surveys where participants can work at any speed.

Classroom Receiver Channels

By default, TurningPoint clicker devices connect to "Channel 41". A specific channel is assigned to each room to prevent interference with TurningPoint clickers in use in other classrooms. Instructors must change the default channel setting in their TurningPoint application to the designated room channel before starting a clicker session. Students must also change the channel setting on their clicker device to the same channel the instructor's receiver uses in that classroom. Instructors should communicate the channel number to students before students begin responding.

NDSU Bookstore

Contact the NDSU Bookstore to make them aware students in your course require a Turning Technologies clicker. Advise your students to purchase a clicker from the NDSU Bookstore. Students can find information about registering their clickers at TurningPoint - Student Resources .

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