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Protect Yourself and Others - Safe Computing

Safe computing is mostly about prudence, preparation, and prevention. NDSU has seen a large number of computers on the network become compromised. The following suggestions are intended to help students, faculty, and staff become more aware of safe computing issues.

The Internet is a powerful resource, but the same features that make it powerful also provide the means for misuse. Your "network neighbors" are world-wide, and, if you are not careful, they may have complete access to your system or you identity. While there really is no "100% secure" Internet-connected computer system, it is possible to take a few simple steps to get close.

Of course, you might say, "I don't have any top secret information on my computer." However, you don't want to lose what you do have, and you don't want to be responsible for illegal activity on your computer. "Infected" computers can:

  • Infect other systems
  • Take down entire businesses and networks
  • Be used for illegal activities
  • Be used as repositories for copyright protected media or software
  • Have information corrupted or deleted

Hundreds of computers can be taken over in seconds. Remember that you, as an owner of an account or computer, are responsible for any and all activity using your access information. You can save yourself a lot of grief by following some basic rules for safe computing.

Here is a list of websites that will assist in securing your computer and devices as well as your data on those devices: 

Warning: Some of the steps below will have you changing the Group Policy and the Registry of your computer. Incorrect configurations in these areas may render your computer unable to function. If you are not comfortable editing these items please find someone that is.

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