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Safe Computing - Updating Your Computer

Computers are run with Software, but the programs that you run and the Operating System. Software has errors that need to be corrected and most software companies provide free updates to make sure that the software runs safely and securely. Make sure to check regularly for updates to the OS and the applications that you run.

This is a practice you should also get into regarding your computers as well. 

  • On NDSU supported computers we utilize Microsoft System Center to provide the Microsoft based Windows computers their updates. 
  • For the Macs on campus we suggest that you check for updates on a weekly basis. Simply click the apple in the upper left and select Software Update... to start the update application.
  • Linux computers use a wide a varied update tool ranging from apt-get, pacman, yum, and many others, we suggest you update your software at least weekly.

Please check yourself at least monthly to make sure that automated updates are being applied to your computer. 

You should also make sure that your applications you have installed on your computer get updated as well. Most applications now have their own update utility built in and some operating systems have application stores that update those applications as updates become available. Until there are application stores for all operating systems please make sure your editing, viewing, watching and listening software is all up to date.

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