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Safe Computing - Lost or Stolen Items

Devices are getting smaller, and storage on those devices is growing. They are easy to misplace and that also means they are easier to swipe.
A few steps you can take to mitigate data being stolen along with the devices that you use every day. 
  1. Turn off your device when not in use, data is stored in memory for easy access, if the power is off data is not stored in active memory. 
  2. Password protect your device, a 15 to 18 character password that is not a single word, will be able to secure your computer from an easy break in. 
  3. Back up your data to a different location, if your device goes missing you still have your data. 
  4. Encrypt your storage, hard drive encryption will make is almost impossible to get data from the device if the bad person does not have the password to get in. 
  5. Enable device location and remote device wipe features, giving you the ability to either locate or destroy the data that is located on your device. 
Mistakes happen and thieves can be very good at what they do, so devices will go missing. If a device is missing don't panic. Please follow the steps below 
  1. Contact Campus Police at (701) 231-8998 
  2. Fill out a Stolen or Missing Item form

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