Protect Yourself and Others - Secure Your Accounts

Securing your NDSU and other accounts ensure that data and services are only given to individuals that should be granted that access.

Secure your Login

Your login is how a computer determines if you get access to the data and services available to you. It is this authentication that determines that you are who you say you are. If this authentication is broken or compromised, individuals that should not have access to data or services could use said access for nefarious purposes. This page is here to give you steps on securing your NDSU and other accounts to ensure that data and services are only given to individuals that should be granted that access.

Create a Secure Login

Your passphrase for your accounts and devices are the gateway into data and services that you have been given access to. Your passphrases should be secure, different, and difficult to guess or brute force. 
  • A good passphrase should be multiple words strung together in a way that makes sense to you, therefore making it easier to remember 
  • It should be over 15 characters in length when it is possible 
  • It should include Numbers, Punctuation, and Upper and Lower Case Letters 
Passphrases and User Accounts should not be duplicated on any other websites or services, if those sites or services are compromised, many of those attackers leak the credentials on to public sites or sell them on the black market  (Dark Web).

Multi-factor Your Accounts

Most NDSU services are protected with Multi-factor, a process where after you login to a service you will get prompted to either allow the login or you have to enter a specific key from a device that is in your possession. 

Directions for setting up and using NDSU based MFA are located here - NDSU Multifactor Directions

Many other services are also adopting the use of Multi-factor, It is recommended that as many accounts that can be setup with this should be to make sure that your data and services are secured.

Work Device Usage

Devices secured for work should be used specifically for that purpose. A laptop that is for work is typically an enterprise level device, meaning that there are higher end specifications than many consumer devices that can be purchased. For that reason, they may work better than those consumer devices.

 Refrain from letting someone other than you, use the device for any purpose. 
  • This device may have access to data and services that the individual other than you should have access to 
  • Software could be installed or loaded onto the computer that is not authorized and may compromise that data or services 
  • If there is any type of unauthorized access or a breach of those data or services you will be held responsible as this would be your responsibility to secure the device and the credentials to access that device.

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