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An enterprise group and access management system


Grouper is a web-based tool for IT system group management. It automates group membership / access changes as a person's role changes. It empowers units to manage their groups, taking central IT out of the loop for day-to-day access management.

Grouper can create ad-hoc, hand-maintained, group membership lists; however, the real power of Grouper is in its ability to use set math to generate group lists. For example, a group could be automated to say that "students registered for any CSCI course in the current term but whose class level is neither senior nor graduate," or "any student registered for credits in the current term that is not registered for credits in the next term." Hand-maintained lists and automatic lists can even be mashed together, for example, to say "this list of people maintained by list-of-owners but only if they have an active employee relationship" to have the final effective membership automatically remove individuals that stop employment but continue to be related with the university as a student or other affiliate.

Intended Audience

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Using this service


24/7/365 [*Standard outages]

Support contact

IT Help Desk



University-funded: no charge.

Grouper is used to

  • auto-populate core mailing lists (student official, staff official, faculty official)
  • control access to core services (such as computer lab login, Adobe, CMS, Google Analytics)
  • provide "account-info" lookup
  • manage group attestation

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