Grouper Attestation

How to attest the membership of the groups you own


Grouper attestation is reviewing the membership of groups where you have been assigned as an owner. This is to ensure that group membership stays current, and that no one who shouldn't be in a group lingers there. Scheduled attestation occurs once every 180 days.

Reminder E-mails

If you are a group owner, you will receive an e-mail at the attestation deadline letting you know which group or groups require attestation. Links to each group are also provided. This e-mail will be sent each day until you have completed attestation for the groups listed.


To attest a group:

  1.  Navigate to that group or click the link from your reminder e-mail.
  2.  In the group's Members tab, you will see the below message:

    Alert message in red, stating Attention this group's memberships need to be attested now along with a Mark group as reviewed button
    Note: if you receive an attestation e-mail but the above does not appear when you go to the group, follow the instructions for Viewing Attestation Information on a Group to see if the group has already been attested by another owner. If this shows that the group has not yet been attested, contact the Help Desk.
  3. Review the group's members. If membership is incorrect, add or remove members as necessary.
  4. Once you are confident membership is correct, click the "Mark group as reviewed" button.

Viewing Attestation Information on a Group

To see the attestation information of a single group:

  1. Navigate to that group or click the link from your reminder e-mail.
  2. Click the Group actions drop-down button and select Attestation.
  3. Here you can observe information related to that group, including Attestation status, Last date certified, Date needs recertify, and Days left until recertify:
    Example attestation information. Shows Attestation status OK, Last date certified March 22, Date needs recertify September 18, and Days left until recertify 174.

Viewing Your Upcoming Attestation Groups

You can also check on upcoming attestations for your groups. In Grouper, go to "Miscellaneous" in the Quick Links panel, and choose "Attestation". This will show you your groups with less than two weeks remaining until re-certification.

Best Practices

Grouper makes it easy to certify your group membership. However, don't skip over closely reviewing your group's membership! Failure to review allows people to retain access to the systems you manage, even after they shouldn't.

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