Student Department / College LISTSERV Term Management

How to manage the active terms being looked at for your department's LISTSERV for students that is managed by Grouper

Note: The majority of listserv management is done through The below processes only apply if you have worked with IT to create a LISTSERV in Grouper that automatically populates with your students.

You will also need to be included in the Owner group for that LISTSERV in Grouper.

This process uses the NDSU term codes to determine which terms are currently populating the list. Document Imaging project has a term cheat sheet for use. As a general rule of thumb, the last two digits of the code will be 10 for Fall Semester, 30 for Spring, and 40 for Summer.

All of your plans (and optionally years in school) are processed for each term listed. The system automatically removes duplicates. Please include all of the terms you want, and remove terms when you no longer want them. Grouper admins WILL remove data for historic terms (so don’t expect the previous fall term to appear in April). However, data from spring semesters will be kept until after the last day to add classes online in the next fall semester. This will let you bridge your lists through the summer and into the start of fall.

To make changes to the terms:

  1. Find the systemOfRecord group for the LISTSERV you want to change in Grouper. It will be in the Membership folder.

    systemOfRecord group is shown at the bottom of the list

  2. Once in the systemOfRecord group, click on the "Group actions" dropdown menu and choose "Attribute assignments" from the “Administration” category.

    drop down menu with Attribute Assignments highlighted in dark blue

  3. From there, only edit the values in the row labeled "term" (under “Attribute name”).

    1. If you want to remove an existing value, click the down arrow next to the term you want to remove and click "Delete the attribute assignment value". 

    2. If you want to edit a value, click the down arrow next to the term you want to remove and click "Edit the attribute assignment value". 

    3. To add a new term, click on "Actions" at the end of the row and choose "Add value". Put in the term code that you want to add in the "Value to add" field.
      list of attribute assignments with term outlined in green

To add or remove listserv members from auto-populating listservs:

  1. Listserv addition/removal is done by adding members to the Add or Remove group. These groups can be found in the Membership folder:
    membership folder contents with add group outlined in green and remove group outlined in red
  2. To add a member:
    1. Go to the Add group, and choose "Add Members."
    2. In the "Member name or ID" field, type the name of the person you'd like to add. You should see a spinning wheel followed by a menu of potential choices. Choose the person you'd like to add from the choices given. Optionally, include a start and end date, and click "Add."
      example of adding a person
  3. To remove a member, you should add a member to the Remove group, using the same process outlined in step 2.
  4. To view the full listserv membership group, with additions and removals, go to the Final Membership group in the Membership folder.

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