Zoom Phone - Overview of the Features and Settings

This document illustrates the general overview of the features and settings of Zoom Phone. It explains what most features do, how to access them and how to use them to set up your Zoom Phone for easy accessibility and usage.

Log in to NDSU Zoom Web Portal and Navigate through the Personal > Phone > Settings tab to view the following information and options: 

Site: Displays the site you belong to (if your admin enabled multiple sites for your organization). 

Package: Displays your current calling plan that determines restrictions on your outbound calls. 

Number(s): Displays the direct phone numbers assigned to you.  

Company Number: Displays the extension number assigned to you and the main company number. 

image showing zoom phone settings

Emergency Address: To change the emergency address associated with the phone number, click Address and select an address from the drop-down menu or click Add Emergency Address to add a new one. 

Note: The emergency address is provided to first responders when dialing an emergency number. Make sure to enter the correct address.  

Outbound Caller ID: Select the default caller ID when using the Zoom client to make outbound calls. You can select between the main company number and any direct phone numbers added by your admin.  

Country/Region & Area Code:  The country/region name and area code have been set by NDSU Admins.

image illustrating zoom phone settings

Business Hours: Click Edit to change the times when you can answer calls. By default, inbound calls outside of business hours will be immediately forwarded to your voicemail.  

image illustrating zoom phone settings

Call Handling & Forwarding: Click Edit to specify how calls are routed during business hours.  

Note: Zoom applications refers to both the Zoom desktop client and mobile app.  

If you set the Ring Mode to “Simultaneously,” use the toggles to enable or disable each option. Click Add Forward Number to add a custom phone to forward to; for example, you can add your personal phone number.  

If you set the Ring Mode to “Sequentially,” use the arrow icons or click and drag to rearrange the order. Click Add Forward Number to add a custom phone to forward to; for example, you can add your personal phone number. 

image illustrating zoom phone settings

Voicemail Greeting: Please visit Zoom Phone-How to Add a Custom Voicemail Greeting

Delegation: Please visit Zoom Phone – Assign Delegation Privileges and Zoom Phone – Accepting Delegation Request 

Blocked List: Click View or Edit to see a list of numbers and prefixes that are blocked. Numbers and prefixes beside Default are blocked by the admin and applies to all phone users in your organization. Click Add in one of the following sections to block prefixes, numbers, or extensions.  

image illustrating zoom phone settings

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