Zoom - Frequently Asked Questions

A large number of questions were asked during the Zoom training session in Fall 2020. The questions and answers are listed in this Zoom FAQ article. We have continued to update as we find additional common questions and answers.

Zoom FAQs  

Why do I See "No Data" when I look for my Zoom session in Blackboard?

Is there a way to take attendance in zoom? 

Is there a way to see participants after the zoom has ended? 

Yes, this is done the same way as taking attendance - Attendance Reports in Blackboard

Can the recording be saved to a USB drive when selecting this computer? 

Yes it can, just save it to the desired location, but don't forget to let it finish uploading before you remove the USB drive 

Does the recording to the cloud option have specific "class rooms" where we would save these recordings so to direct students who may have missed a lecture? 

Yes, if you set up a meeting through Blackboard, you can see the recordings both in Blackboard and your Zoom web portal at NDSU.Zoom.us 

Can we load multiple polling questions in advance? 

Yes, you can have different questions or different questions list. Zoom Poll Help

If I want the same groups each class period can I save the groups from week to week or do I have to manually do them each week? 

Yes, but you must pre-assign participants to breakout groups using the Zoom Web Portal. Zoom – Breakout Rooms 

If you pre-assign groups, will you have the option to adjust them in real time? (Particularly to reassign students who might be alone in a group because their classmates aren't there.) 

Yes, you are in complete control of who is in what group and can move people manually 

I've found that none of my settings in Zoom carry over into Zoom BB if I create a Zoom class recurring in BB if that makes sense...any idea how to fix? 

You can import a meeting in Zoom. Navigate to the course’s upcoming meetings page. On the upper right-hand side of the screen there’s a button with three little dots. If you click on it, a button will appear that lets you import a meeting. All you have to do is enter in the meeting ID and it will add that meeting to that BB course. Import Zoom Meeting from Web Portal https://kb.ndsu.edu/105084 

I have four lab sections and a common lecture time. I already created a recurrent lecture time, but how do I select students for each lab? 

  1. You can create a separate Zoom session for each lab within the course. 
  2. Title the separate Zoom sessions with the Lab time or name. 
  3. Ask that students join the Lab they are enrolled in. 

Please describe pro and con of "only authenticate users can join". 

  1. Authentication profiles allow hosts to restrict participants who can join a meeting or webinar to those who are logged into Zoom, and even restrict it to Zoom users who's email address uses a certain domain. 
  2. Only authenticated users can join means you can restrict users from joining only if they are HKU staff/students holding valid HKU Portal UID/PIN. 
  3. They will be required to login using Single Sign On (SSO) to enter the meeting. 
  4. Authenticated users are described in the Zoom - Cloud Recording Access Restrictions knowledge base article. 

I tried to use " post the zoom meeting in BB to my Outlook calendar and I couldn't? What do I do? 

You SHOULD, first log into the NDSU.Zoom.us web portal so that when you click on add to Outlook calendar Zoom will recognize you as an authenticated user. Next, click on the link Add to Outlook calendar. A calendar appointment will download. Open the .ICS file and accept the appointment. It will post to your Outlook calendar. 

Do we have to set up our lectures from inside the link on BB or can we do so from Zoom? 

Will you please include Daniel's info on how to make the same link good for the full semester (he said year). 

Schedule Meetings in Zoom first section in Zoom in Blackboard 

Is it best to record through Zoom or just record the screen through Yuja? 

Depends on what you are most comfortable with. If you need to do some editing, or if you want to add a quiz to the video, you could do it in Yuja. If you are just recording the lecture so students can go back and view it later, everything you need is right there in Zoom. You can get the same results either way. (e.g. import zoom .mp4 file into Yuja to do editing). 

Is there a way to make the cloud recordings unavailable to students? 

For instructors who are joining a HyFlex class remotely (teacher is offsite, students are in classroom), would you recommend they add their tech person as the co-host? 

Potentially. If the tech person is a TA, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. If the tech person is a student in the classroom, the answer depends on how much you trust the student to be responsible. But it could be a good idea to give tech person the authority they might need in order to properly troubleshoot. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362603.

Can you create a link to specific cloud recordings to add to a class module? 

Yes. Go to the cloud recording and click the share button underneath it. It will give you a URL that you can copy. That URL will open up and play the recording in a browser window. 

If we set the zoom meeting to start at 10am, can we get into the meeting early to setup? 

Yes. The date and time you have the meeting scheduled for will not affect when you are able to start the meeting. If you end the meeting before its scheduled end time, you can always go back and start the meeting again. 

Can students create a meeting with each other through Bb Zoom? 

Yes. They can go to their course > Tools > Zoom-NDSU > Schedule a Meeting. Or, students can log into the NDSU.Zoom.us web portal and schedule their meeting. 

If I signed up for zoom through Blackboard should I now go through the web and sign up again? 

  1. You get your Zoom account by signing in to NDSU.Zoom.us webpage portal. 
  2. You only need to activate the account one time. After that this portal page login will give you access to changing settings, scheduling, joining meetings and much more. 

If we set up the meeting with the pre-set group on the web version, how can students see that meeting in Bb? 

  1. It is recommended to Import the meetings into your Blackboard course to provide students with easy access to the sessions and recordings. 
  2. Import Zoom Meeting from Web Portal 
  3. Or email your class with the link. 

I’ve noticed that I can’t get zoom to load in Blackboard using Firefox. I’m certain this is due to a Firefox privacy add-on. What kinds of privacy apps might prevent the LTI from loading? 

  1. Recommended browsers and settings for Zoom 
  2. Make sure any browser you use is updated. 

Let’s say you create the meeting at NDSU.zoom.us that has breakout rooms set-up in the preferences. How do I pull these meetings into the blackboard course website? 

  1. You can import a meeting in Zoom. Navigate to the course’s upcoming meetings page. On the upper right-hand side of the screen there’s a button with three little dots. If you click on it, a button will appear that lets you import a meeting. All you have to do is enter in the meeting ID and it will add that meeting to that BB course. 
  2. Zoom in Blackboard 

What is the purpose of an Alternative Host? 

  1. Alternative Host is similar to a co-host with the added feature of being able to Start the Meeting 
  2. Co-hosts are very restricted in what they are allowed to do. 
  3. Alternative Host would be useful if there was a situation where you were unable to attend the class, but you wanted your TA to give the lecture instead. Instead of completely deleting the meeting, and having the TA make it instead, you can just set your TA to be the Alternative Host. That way they can start the meeting and do some other administrative tasks that co-hosts can’t access. 
  4. Zoom Meeting Roles 
  5. Zoom Roles Comparison table from Zoom Help Center webpage. 

How long or the zoom recordings available? Can it be used again in another semester? 

  1. Zoom recordings of your Hyflex class may contain student data and MAY NOT be shared anywhere but inside your course with the registered students. 
  2. If you would like a recording that can be used repeatedly recording short lectures in YuJa is recommended. 

Are polls only able to add in real time? 

  1. Polls can be created prior to class and during live class sessions. 
  2. Zoom Polls information from Zoom. 

How do you prompt the poll questions? 

  1. There will be a polling button on the bottom bar of your zoom screen. When you click on it, a preview will appear. If you have more than one poll, you can select the drop down by the poll name to select the one you want to use. Then just select launch. 
  2. Zoom Polls information from Zoom. 

When you use the poll can you see which students answered? 

  1. You may not be able to tell which students have answered, or what their answers were in real time, but you can always go back and download the responses after the meeting is over 
  2. Zoom Polls information from Zoom. 
  3. Where to find Poll reports in Blackboard - Zoom - Attendance Report 

If we wanted to edit the Zoom recording, my understanding is we need to download the file and upload it into an editing program. Is this correct? If so, is there an editing program you would recommend? 

  1. That is correct. Yuja is probably the most accessible software for everyone. You can also add quizzes to the video in Yuja. 
  2. However, if you want to do some more nit-picky editing, Camtasia is the simplest program to learn and use. Although, Camtasia is harder to access. 
  3. The Learning and Applied Innovation Center does have computers with Camtasia on them. 
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: Zoom recordings of your Hyflex class may contain student data and cannot be shared anywhere but inside your course with the registered students. If you want a recording that can be used repeatedly you should record the lecture with Yuja. 

I just set up my recurring lecture do I need to save or anything when done it asked about copying link do I need to do this? 

Recommendation is Import the Meetings Create in Web Portal into Blackboard for easier student access. 

Does Zoom generate an audio transcript of the speaker, everyone, or not at all? 

  1. The transcript will be generated for all speakers in the Zoom session. 
  2. Use the Auto Transcript option (under Cloud Recording) to automatically transcribe the audio of a meeting that is being recorded to the cloud. it is a separat .vtt text file 
  3. You also have the option to display the transcript text within the video itself. 
  4. Keep in mind the transcript can get a bit jumbled with multiple speakers at one time. Recording Good Quality Audiotips. 

Would alternative hosts such as TA's have access to the post meeting reports? 

  1. No. Essentially, an alternative host is just a co-host with the ability to start and stop meetings. 
  2. Zoom Roles Comparison table from Zoom Help Center webpage. 

Are the reports are available for meetings even if you don't record them, yes? 

  1. Yes. Reports are independent of any recordings you do or do not take. 
  2. To view the reports – Zoom Attendance Reports

Do the poll results only show the full %, no details as to each student's response? 

This appears to be the case. You can always see what each student responded after the meeting is over. See questions 29 and 30. If the poll is not anonymous the report will show the profile names of authenticated users in the same account. 

Can you convert Zoom recordings to Yuja recordings? 

Yes. All you must download the Zoom recording as an .mp4 file, then upload it into Yuja. 

Difference between entering zoom via NDSU.zoom.us meeting versus just going directly to Zoom on web? I see authentication, but do both land me in the same spot? 

  1. You MUST use the NDSU.Zoom.us webpage to log in to the NDSU licensed Zoom 
  2. The public Zoom at Zoom.us is a free version that is not associated with NDSU. 

Would it be possible to create a Knowledge Base document that instructors with Zoom experience could also add to? 

  1. Great idea, we will work on this. 
  2. Please send us your Tips & Tricks as you navigate through the semester with Zoom. 

When you create a document with all these Q&As, will you also include a step-by-step process using your recommended practices (with explanations as to why this is recommended)? 

  1. We have included many of these answers within this Q&A and links to Knowledge Base articles with step-by-step instructions and recommendations. 
  2. For additional questions submit a Help Desk ticket for us to respond and add more this this Q&A and the Knowledge Base 

My NDSU.ZOOM.us account will not activate. It just shows and error "something went wrong when signing in with SSO," or something like that. 

  1. Do you have a personal Zoom account using your NDSU email address? 
  2. If so, log into that Zoom account by going to Zoom.us 
  3. Select log out of all devices (in the personal settings area) 
  4. Change your email address to a personal one and log out. 
  5. Go to the NDSU.Zoom.us webpage portal to sign in and activate your NDSU Zoom account 

Thank you for the many great questions. As we worked through our answers we have developed many Zoom knowledge base articles. Enter Zoom in your search and you will find the articles. Keep sending in questions through our IT Help Desk ticketing system.

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