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Zoom - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common questions and answers are listed in this Zoom FAQ article. We continue to update as we find additional questions and answers.

The following is a listing of Zoom frequently asked questions (FAQs) we have received over the past year with answers and reference to knowledge base articles for more information. The questions have been organized into several groupings, which can be clicked on to jump down to the section for viewing.


  1. Does Zoom generate an audio transcript of the speaker, everyone, or not at all?


  1. Why do I See "No Data" when I look for my Zoom session in Blackboard?
  2. I've found that none of my settings in Zoom carry over into Zoom BB if I create a Zoom class recurring in BB if that makes sense...any idea how to fix? 
  3. I have four lab sections and a common lecture time. I already created a recurrent lecture time, but how do I select students for each lab? 
    • You can create a separate Zoom session for each lab within the Blackboard course. Title the separate Zoom sessions with the Lab time or name. 
  4. Will you please include info on how to make the same link good for the full semester? 
  5. If I signed up for zoom through Blackboard should I now go through the web and sign up again? 
    • You get your  Zoom  account by signing in to webpage portal. 
  6. If we set up the meeting with the pre-set group on the web version, how can students see that meeting in Bb? 

Breakout Rooms

  1. If I want the same groups each class period can I save the groups from week to week or do I have to manually do them each week? 
    • Yes, but you must pre-assign participants to breakout groups, for more information   Zoom - Breakout Rooms   
  2. If you pre-assign groups, will you have the option to adjust them in real time? (Particularly to reassign students who might be alone in a group because their classmates aren't there.) 
    • Yes, you are in complete control of who is in what group and can move people manually 
  3. Let's say you create the meeting at that has breakout rooms set-up in the preferences. How do I pull these meetings into the blackboard course website? 

Login Questions

  1. What does "only authenticate users can join" mean? 
  2. My account will not activate. It just shows an error "something went wrong when signing in with SSO," or something like that. 
    • Do you have a personal Zoom account using your NDSU email address? 
  3. If so, log into that Zoom account by going to 
    • Select log out of all devices (in the personal settings area) 
  4. Change your email address to a personal one and log out. 
    • Go to the webpage portal to sign in and activate your NDSU Zoom account 
  5. How do I switch accounts if I join a Zoom session and find out I am not logged in to my NDSU Zoom? 
  6. Difference between entering zoom via meeting versus just going directly to Zoom on web? I see authentication, but do both land me in the same spot? 
    • You MUST use the webpage to log in to the NDSU licensed Zoom 

Meeting Roles

  1. What is the purpose of an Alternative Host? 
    • Alternative Host is similar to a co-host with the added feature of being able to Start the Meeting  Zoom - Meeting Roles
  2. Would alternative hosts such as TA's have access to the post meeting reports?

Polls, Surveys & Attendance

  1. Is there a way to take attendance in zoom? 
  2. Can we load multiple polling questions in advance? 
    • Yes, you can have different questions or different questions list. With Zoom advanced polling you can create up to 50 polls with 50 questions. For more information  Zoom - Polls & Surveys 
  3. Are polls only able to add in real time? 
  4. How do start the poll? 
  5. When you use the poll can you see which students answered? 
    • You may not be able to tell which students have answered, or what their answers were in real time, but you can always go back and download the responses after the meeting is over.  Zoom - Polls & Surveys   
  6. Are the reports available for meetings even if you don't record them, yes? 
    • Yes. Reports are independent of any recordings you do or do not take. 
  7. Do the poll results only show the full %, no details as to each student's response? 
    • Poll responses are recorded as percentages. There is an option to allow participants to answer anonymously.


  1. Can the recording be saved to a USB drive when selecting this computer? 
    • Yes it can, just save it to the desired location, but don't forget to let it finish uploading before you remove the USB drive 
  2. Does the recording to the cloud option have specific "class rooms" where we would save these recordings so to direct students who may have missed a lecture? 
    • This can be accomplished if you set up a meeting through Blackboard, you and your students can see the recordings in Blackboard. Only you, as host, can see the recordings in your Zoom web portal at
  3. Is there a way to make the cloud recordings unavailable to students?
  4. Can you create a link to specific cloud recordings to add to a class module? 
    • Yes. Go to the cloud recording and click the share button underneath it. It will give you a URL that you can copy. That URL will open up and play the recording in a browser window. 
  5. How long are zoom recordings available? Can they be used again in another semester? 
    • Zoom recordings of your class may contain student data and MAY NOT be shared anywhere but inside your course with the registered students. Zoom recordings will be deleted using NDSU retention guidelines  Zoom - Cloud Recordings   

How can I find more Help? 

  1. Search for Zoom or your specific question, here, in our NDSU IT Knowledge Base
  2. Check out the NEW Zoom Learning Center to enroll in short courses on a variety of Zoom subjects from basic to advanced. 


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