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Central File Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and their answers about Central File Services.

What are NDSU File Services?

NDSU File Services provide NDSU employees with a secure location to store and back-up files, and also provide an easy method for sharing files with others within and across departments. NDSU File Services use the Windows File Services system.

How do I access my shared folders and files?

In order to manually connect to your S:, U: and X: drives and other shared folders, follow the instructions below for devices. These instructions are based on the assumption that you have permission to access the shared drives you are attempting to map. Central File Services are authorized only for use on NDSU owned computers. 
No. You do not need to install a client to access Windows File Services.

What are the S:, U:, and X: drives?

  • S (Department Shared Drive): Each department can elect to have a "shared drive" with storage space on a server managed by the IT Division.
  • U (Individual User Directory): Individuals can elect to have server space for their own files. These user storage spaces are not shared, but are useful for keeping work-related documents in a secure location.
  • X (Cross-Departmental Shared Drive): These shared drives are for departments that share data with other departments.

How much storage space is included?

The default amount of storage space allocated to each drive includes the following:
  • 100 gigabytes for department shared (S:) drives
  • 10 gigabytes for cross-department shared (X:) drives
  • 100 gigabytes for faculty (U:) drives
  • 10 gigabytes for staff (U:) drives
Individuals and departments have the option to request additional storage space for a yearly fee of $0.26 per gigabyte ($0.17 for storage + $0.09 for backup). Quota increases must be made in increments equal to the default amount of storage space allocated to the drive:
  • S: drives and faculty U: drives can be increased from 100 gigabytes to 200, 300, 400, etc. gigabytes
  • X: drives and staff U: drives can be increased from 10 gigabytes to 20, 30, 40, etc. gigabytes
Please contact the IT Help Desk at 701-231-8685 or to submit the request.

How do I request access to another user's shared folders?

In order to gain access to a folder owned by another individual or department, contact the IT Help Desk at  Before your request is processed, ITS will verify that you have permission to access this folder with the owner of the file or the department head. General access to someone else's U: Drive (Individual User Directory) is not permitted.

How do I request an account for Windows File Services?

Your account for the U: Drive is automatically created when employee services are created. Your account for S: and X: Drives are automatically created when you are granted access by the drive manager. No additional requests are necessary.

How do I add/remove user access to my shared folders?

Shared Drive owners and managers can add/remove members using Grouper. Instructions on using Grouper for this can be found here: Grouper - How to use Grouper

How can I change my File Services password?

Your File Services password is synchronized from the Enroll page. To change your password, you must change your Enroll password at

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