Separation Checklist

The following checklists are supplemental to the Separation Checklist provided on the NDSU Human Resources and Payroll website. These are intended to provide additional examples of IT accounts, files and services that require attention when an employee is separating from the university. Supervisors should consult HR's checklist for a more complete guide for addressing the necessary steps when an employee leaves NDSU.

Employee Checklist

As you transition data, files and services, please do not share your password with others. If others need access to information in your accounts (e.g., Blackboard Learn Original, email, Google Drive), please contact the IT Help Desk as soon as possible.

Step 1: Move or transfer ownership of files

Move or transfer ownership of files stored on your devices and in your account(s) that may need to be accessed by others after you depart the university. This includes official records that are the property of NDSU and must be retained by NDSU in accordance with records retention schedules. Please consider files you have stored on a computer, tablet and/or other device, along with files stored in the following systems and sites:
  • Blackboard Learn Original
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  • NDSU email and calendar
  • Personal (U:) drive (NDSU File Services)
  • PowerBI
  • Qualtrics
  • SharePoint
  • Yuja Lecture Capture

Step 2: Transfer ownership of services and accounts

Transfer ownership of any NDSU services, shared accounts or shared resources, including:
  • Department (S:) and cross-department (X:) shared drives (NDSU File Services)
  • Mass email lists (Listserv)
  • Shared email accounts
  • Shared resources and calendars
  • Websites (Pubweb sites and CMS sites)
Contact the IT Help Desk to request the ownership transfer.

Step 3: Prepare for the closing of your NDSU Email account

Set up an out-of-office reply on your NDSU email account. Include information regarding whom to contact after you depart the university. If you wish, provide your personal email address to those with whom you want to maintain contact after your NDSU email account is closed. 
Currently, the University System is Not Removing access to Email Accounts. Please contact the IT Help Desk to have this access removed or the account deleted. 

Step 4: Remove NDSU-provided software from your personal computer

If you have installed NDSU-provided software on your personal computer for use as an NDSU employee, be sure to remove it.

Step 5: Download and save personal files

If you have personal files stored in your NDSU accounts, as allowed under incidental personal use of electronic communication devices, download and save those files to a personal computer or other storage device or site. Be careful not to take NDSU-owned files, including files that may contain private or restricted data.

Manager's Checklist

Never ask employees to share their account passwords. If you or others in your department need access to information in a separating employee's account(s) (e.g., Blackboard Learn Original, email, Google Drive), please contact the IT Help Desk as soon as possible.
  1. Contact the IT Help Desk to request the departing individuals email account be either disabled or removed. (If this is not specified the email account will remain active)
  2. Services provided by NDSU (Library, Wireless, Shared Folder Access, Google Drive) will be automatically locked upon termination of employment with Human Resources  
  3. Establish a timeline and process for the separating employee to move or transfer ownership of files that will need to be accessed by others in your department after departure.
  4. Transfer ownership of NDSU services, shared accounts or shared resources for which the departing employee is currently the designated owner.
  5. Consider using a generic shared account email address to replace references to the departing individual’s email address. Office 365 - Shared Mailbox and Shared Calendars can be requested through the IT Help Desk.
  6. Search the NDSU.EDU website to ensure that the separated individual for any business communication listed, if found please remove. 

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