Qualtrics - Create survey to collect names & emails at a training that will send a pre test survey out

This configuration is great if you are holding a training and do not have the email addresses of the attendees but would like to send them a pre and post survey. For the name survey, you can use a QR code for them to scan.

    Create the Name and email survey

    I would use form question type for the survey (name, email as fields).  You can provide participants with a QR code to scan.

    showing what the name survey would look like

    Create a pre and post survey 

    Set this up Qualtrics - Pre and Post survey compare them in the survey flow in both surveys (pre and post).

    Create a Workflow in the Name survey

    1. Workflows
    2. +Create a Workflow
    3. Start when an event is received
    4. Survey response
    5. Make sure the follow is marked or checked Newly created responses and keep the language the response was received in and everything is fine click finish
    6. Click on the +
    7. Add a task
    8. Scroll to find XM Directory
    9. Distribute survey
    10. Distribute Survey Task screen
      1. Distribution Type: Individual
      2. Distribution Method: Email/Embedded Data
      3. Link Type: Individual
      4. When: Immediately
      5. Select how you want to save or update info: Save or update it as embedded data to your XM directory contacts
      6. Select a contact list and set XM Directory Fields
        1. Contact List
          1. My Library 
            1. New Contact List
              1. Name the list (the name should should show up at the Contact list after you named it.
        2. First name: is required so if you don't have it in your survey just type FirstName but if it is part of the survey click {a}
          1. Survey Question
          2. Pick the Question
          3. First Name
        3. Last Name: is required so if you don't have it in your survey just type LastName but if it is part of the survey click {a}
          1. Survey Question
          2. Pick the Question
          3. Last Name
        4. Email address is required {a}
          1. Survey Question
          2. Pick the Question
          3. Email address
      7. Search the name of the survey you wish to send.
      8. From Address: Should NOT be change
      9. From Name: If you want to utilize different name instead of your name, you can modify it.
      10. Reply-To Email: If you want to utilize different email address instead of the noreply email, you can modify it.
      11. Subject: Is Required
      12. Message: Leave the piping for the survey links and the OptOutLink alone.  
      13. Days before link expires: default is 60 but you can change that.
      14. If you want a reminder check the Reminder
        1. Your options are number Days or Months from the date that they received the invite.
        2. You fill out the time and the time zone
        3. Reminder subject
        4. Reminder Message (You use saved one or you can create new message.)
      15. Save

    If you wish to compare the post to the pre, make sure you utilize the same Contact List. I would go through the Contact list and opt them out if the pre was not filled out for email address so they would not receive the link for the post.  

    Showing workflows, Create a workflow, Started when an event is received

    Survey response

    Newly created responses, Keep the language the response was received in

    Adding a task by clicking the plus sign

    Click on Add a task

    Find XM Directory by scrolling to the bottom

    Distribute Survey

    all the steps for the distribute survey task

    Close up of steps 15 (creating new contact list or finding one)

    Showing My Library and picking New Contact list

    Showing that you need to name the contact list

    Close up steps for 16 - 18

    Steps to pipe first name

    Steps putting the Last name in

    Steps for email addresses

    Close up step for 19

    Searching for the survey that you want to send out

    Showing Reminder options

    Showing Reminder options

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