Qualtrics - Pre and Post survey compare them

How can I set up a survey in a way that I can compare them without requiring respondents to submit a code while still anonymizing their responses?

    Pre and Post survey setup

    The configuration will be completed in the Survey flow.

    1. Survey Flow
    2. Set embedded Data to the top of your survey in Survey Flow:  
    This needs to be exact way I am typing it on both surveys:
    1. RecipientID leave the Set a Value Now the way it is
    2. Add a New Field
      ID = ${e://Field/RecipientID}
    3. I used the keyboard arrows to move the embedded data to the top of the screen. The blue outline around the block is required to move the embedded data. Click on the block if you don't see it.

    The video will show the steps without sound you need to do this to both surveys.


    You must also utilize the same survey panel for both surveys. If there are emails that did not react, you can set them to opt-out in the panel so they do not receive the post's email.

    Identifying email addresses that did not answer to your survey

    The Distributions Download History will be downloaded. The download history will include a Status column that shows which email addresses have Started, finished, opened emails, bounced, and sent.

    Because the history is exported in Excel, you may filter the status for opened, bounced, and sent emails.

    1. Distributions
    2. Click on the down arrow on the Email to Contact List
      1. Download History

    Showing how to download history

    Opt out of the panel to ensure that non-respondents do not receive post-survey emails.

    1. Find the list (panel) name in the Directories
    2. Lists
      1. Search for the List
      2. Click on the list
    3. Search the email address
    4. check the box to the left of the email address
    5. Look to the Right and find Directory status 
      1. click on Opted-in
    6. Change the Directory Status to Opted out
      1. Confirm

    showing the Directories option

    Showing searching for your list

    Finding the email address to edit the status

    Final steps to opted out person in a panel

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