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How to Use Google Slides

Below are instructions on how to use your NDSU Google Slides.
  1. Sign in to Google
  2. Locate the Google apps icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Google homepage.
  3. Select Slides from the options to open up your Google Slides. Alternatively, you can simply navigate to
  4. Your Google Slides homepage has several features:
    • Start New Slideshow - You can choose to start with a blank Slideshow or choose from google vast library of templates.
    • Recent Slideshows - A brief preview of different slideshows you’ve used recently will appear here for your convenience.
    • Sorting Slideshows - You are able to sort your slideshows by ownership, you can select this at the top of the recent slideshows section. You can select from slideshows owned by anyone, owned by yourself, or owned by only others. You can also sort by last opened by me, last modified by me, last modified, and tile and that is under the AZ symbol. 
  5. To create a new Google slideshow simply select the template you want or select a blank slideshow. This will open up a new window with your new project.
  6. If you already have a slideshow you want to edit, simply open your desired slideshow to start your work.
  7. Editing Your Slideshow
    • Navigation Bar Starting Left to Right 
      1. First, you can add new slides by clicking the plus, or click the little arrow next to it to change your style
      2. We have your undo and redo arrows, these are used to revert any mistakes you made while the document has been open.
      3. We then have the print button this is used to print out your slideshow
      4. There is also the paint format tool that converts the whole amount of selected text to the same format
      5. Next is the zoom feature, this allows you to zoom in a different interval
      6. There are also tools to help you edit your slide with text boxes, images, shapes, or lines. The cursor tool is used to move around your objects.
      7. There is also functions to add comments
      8. Finally there is also tabs to change the background, layout of each slide, theme of the slideshow, and transitions between slides
    • Side bar - You can change the order of slides on the left side by dragging each slide to position them where you want them.
    • Speaker notes - Along the bottom of the slideshow there is a box where you can type of notes that will show up on your presenter screen as you present your slideshow to assist with your presentation.

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