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Northern Tier Network - North Dakota

Northern Tier Network – North Dakota (NTN-ND) is North Dakota’s state-owned Research and Education (R&E) segment dedicated for use of research and academic activities only. NTN-ND plays a key role in the partnerships, collaborative planning and implementation of the regional Northern Tier Network Consortium, demonstrating the commitment to support our member institutions as they engage in current and emerging trends for research and academics.


North Dakota public higher education institutions, Tribal Colleges, and public K-12 schools have connections to North Dakota’s state government and education network (STAGEnet). Through STAGEnet these organizations can reach commercial Internet service providers that provide connections to commodity Internet. Through STAGEnet, they can also connect to the R&E regional network, NTN-ND. NTN-ND is one of 46 state and regional R&E networks in the U.S. that are interconnected and provide connections to the Internet2 backbone. While Internet2 serves as the national R&E network backbone, it could not function without the operations and innovations realized across the collective local R&E community.

Access to the global R&E community affords researchers and educators extensive access to a variety of advanced network transport and application services developed and designed specifically to support today’s cutting-edge research. When planning your research, contact NTN-ND to learn more about the types of services and applications that are available to support your unique research needs. R&E resources can be accessed anywhere connection to the campus network is available, including on-campus departmental work stations, off-campus research sites and CCAST applications.

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North Dakota public higher education institutions, Tribal Colleges, and public K-12 schools all may connect to the Internet2 network via the state network, STAGEnet.


Established in 2008, NTN-ND benefits from the engaged support of its partners: North Dakota State University (NDSU) and the University of North Dakota (UND). Collectively, the partners are responsible for oversight and visioning the future direction of this valuable resource. The two Universities continue to sponsor Internet2 participation for the other nine public institutions, the five Tribal Colleges and public K-12 schools in North Dakota. On behalf of this partnership, NDSU continues to serve as the fiscal agent and supervises operations and maintenance activities.

The Northern Tier Network Consortium (NTNCserves as a primary regional R&E technology network in our region, partnering with other R&E networks and network providers to interconnect with each other and the national backbone of Internet2. The NTNC benefits from the continued growth and expansion of its members. A shared ideology across the membership aligns to the philosophy that what helps one, helps all. State, institutional and research entity memberships cover a 13-state region from Michigan to Alaska and includes public, private and Tribal Colleges and Universities, public and private K-12 school districts, research laboratories, libraries, municipalities, hospitals, and state networks across the NTNC footprint. Individual segments are owned and operated independently, abiding by their own state-specific laws and infrastructure requirements. Interconnections among neighboring networks serve to form the larger regional footprint.


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