NDSU VoiceThread

Below will show you how to re-link your VoiceThread in Blackboard.

Action Required if you are currently using VoiceThread, you will need to re-link your VoiceThreads.

Course menu tab: if you created a course menu tab, you will need to delete it and re-create it.                            
  1. Delete and re-link all VoiceThread tool links in your course content and in the left course menu bar.

  2. Notice the VoiceThread Tools are titled: VoiceThread-NDSU, found in the Course Tools menu, Content Tools menu, and Build Content menu. (You must use the VoiceThread tool located under the Build Content menu to have a graded VoiceThread. NOTE: it only grades in percentage not points).

  3. Add the VoiceThread Tool link into your left menu column.

    VT picture one

  4. Navigate back to your course and click on the VoiceThread Tool link in the left column once again.

  5. You can either create a new voice thread or copy and reuse a VoiceThread.

  6. To Copy; locate the VoiceThreads you want to use within your course.

    VT how to copy image

  7. Hover over each VoiceThread and click on the copy icon.
    a.    Give the new copied VoiceThread a name. example: Unit 3 Presentation- Fall 2020
    b.    Decide which comments, if any you want to include and click Copy.
    c.    Refresh the VoiceThread homepage.

    VT pic 3

  8. Hover over the new VoiceThread copy you just made and choose the Share icon.B.

    VT pic 4

  9. Locate and click on the course you want to share the VoiceThread to and click Share.
    VT pic 5

  10. Back in your course, when you add VoiceThread as a content item, you can choose to link to the course VoiceThreads. If you do so, the shared content will be listed.