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CCAST-Enabled Research Publications

Research outputs enabled by the use of CCAST resources, collected from CCAST users. *Incomplete* list.

FY 2021–2022

+ T. B. Le, M. Usta, C. Aidun, A. Yoganathan, and F. Sotiropoulos, “Computational methods for fluid-structure interaction simulation of heart valves in patient-specific left heart anatomies,” Fluids 7, 94 (2022).

+ R. J. Jansen, M. Orr, W. R. Bamlet, and G. M. Petersen, “A pilot study of blood-based methylation markers associated with pancreatic cancer,” Frontiers in Genetics 13, 849839 (2022). 

+ K. Rasuleva, S. Elamurugan, A. Bauer, M. Khan, Q. Wen, Z. Li, P. Steen, A. Guo, W. Xia, S. Mathew, R. Jansen, and D. Sun, “β-Sheet richness of the circulating tumor-derived extracellular vesicles for noninvasive pancreatic cancer screening,” ACS Sensors 6, 4489–4498 (2021).

+ K. Hoang, "Rare-earth defects in GaN: A systematic investigation of the lanthanide series," Physical Review Materials 6, 044601 (2022). 

+ K. Hoang, "Rare-earth defects and defect-related luminescence in ZnS," Journal of Applied Physics 131, 015705 (2022).

+ K. Hoang, C. Latouche, and S. Jobic, "Why is it so difficult to realize Dy4+ in as-synthesized BaZrO3?" Journal of the American Ceramic Society 105, 4242–4249 (2022).

+ W. J. S. Diniz, L. P. Reynolds, A. K. Ward, P. P. Borowicz, K. K. Sedivec, K. L. McCarthy, C. J. Kassetas, F. Baumgaertner, J. D. Kirsch, S. T. Dorsam, T. L. Neville, J. C. Forcherio, R. R. Scott, J. S. Caton, and C. R. Dahlen, “Untangling the placentome gene network of beef heifers in early gestation,” Genomics 114, 110274 (2022).

+ W. J. S. Diniz, G. Bobe, J. Klopfestein, et al., “Maternal selenium supplementation during different trimesters of pregnancy: Effects on neonatal calve muscle transcriptome,” In: 12th International Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine, Hawaii, USA (2022).

+ W. J. S. Diniz, A. K. Ward, L. P. Reynolds, et al., “PSVIII-22 Maternal vitamin and mineral supplementation affect fetal hepatic expression of genes underlying mineral homeostasis and lipid metabolism in early pregnancy,” In: 2021 ASAS Midwest Section Meeting, USA (2021).

+ W. J. S. Diniz, G. Bobe, J. J. Klopfenstein, Y. Gultekin, T. Z. Davis, A. K. Ward, and J. A. Hall, “Supranutritional maternal organic selenium supplementation during different trimesters of pregnancy affects the muscle gene transcriptome of newborn beef calves in a time-dependent manner,” Genes 12, 1844 (2021).

+ M. S. Crouse, J. S. Caton, K. J. Claycombe-Larson, W. J. S. Diniz, A. K. Lindholm-Perry, L. P. Reynolds, C. R. Dahlen, P. P. Borowicz, and A. K. Ward, “Epigenetic modifier supplementation improves mitochondrial respiration and growth rates and alters DNA methylation of bovine embryonic fibroblast cells cultured in divergent energy supply,” Frontiers in Genetics 13, 812764 (2022).

+ W. J. S. Diniz, M. S. Crouse, J. S. Caton, K. J. Claycombe-Larson, A. K. Lindholm-Perry, L. P. Reynolds, C. R. Dahlen, P. P. Borowicz, and A. K. Ward, “DNA methylation dataset of bovine embryonic fibroblast cells treated with epigenetic modifiers and divergent energy supply,” Data in Brief 42, 108074 (2022).

+ M. A. Bari, P. Zheng, I. Vieira, H. Worral, S. Szwiec, Y. Ma, D. Main, C. Coyne, R. McGee, and N. Bandillo, “Harnessing genetic diversity in the USDA pea germplasm collection through genomic prediction,” Frontiers in Genetics 12, 707754 (2021).

+ S. A. Atanda, J. Steffes, Y. Lan, M. A. Bari, J. Kim, M. Morales, J. Johnson, R. A. Saludares, H. Worral, L. Piche, A. Ross, M. A. Grusak, C. J. Coyne, R. J. McGee, J. Rao, and N. Bandillo, “Multi-trait genomic prediction improves selection accuracy for enhancing seed mineral concentrations in pea (Pisum sativum L.),” Plant Genome (2022).

+ A. Bari, D. Fonseka, S. Stenger, H. Worral, L. Piche, S. Atanda, J. Kim, M. Morales, J. Johnson, R. Saludares, P. Flores, J. Pasche, and N. Bandillo, “A greenhouse-based high-throughput phenotyping platform for identification and genetic dissection of resistance to Aphanomyces root rot in field pea,” bioRxiv (2022).

+ J. Roy, L. E. Mendoza, N. Bandillo, P. E. McClean, and R. Rahman, “Genetic mapping and genomic prediction of sclerotinia stem rot resistance to rapeseed/canola (Brassica napus L.) at seedling stage,” Theoretical and Applied Genetics 135, 2167–2184 (2022).

+ B. Poudel, J. Mullins, K. D.  Puri, Y. Leng, A. Karmacharya, Y. Liu, J. Hegstad, X. Li, and S. Zhong, “Molecular mapping of quantitative trait loci for Fusarium head blight resistance in the Brazilian spring wheat cultivar 'Surpresa',” Frontiers in Plant Science 12, 778472 (2022).

+ G. K. Kariyawasam, N. Wyatt, G. Shi, S. Liu, C. Yan, Y. Ma, S. Zhong, J. B. Rasmussen, P. Moolhuijzen, C. S. Moffat, T. L. Friesen, and Z. Liu, “A genome-wide genetic linkage map and reference quality genome sequence for a new race in the wheat pathogen Pyrenophoratritici-repentis,” Fungal Genetics and Biology 152, 103571 (2021).

+ M. Wit, Y. Leng, Y. Du, M. Cegiełko, E. Jabłońska, W. Wakuliński, and S. Zhong, “Genome sequence resources for the maize pathogen Fusarium temperatum isolated in Poland,” Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 34, 214–217 (2021).

+ S. V. Jaswandkar, K. S. Katti, and D. R. Katti, “Molecular and structural basis of actin filament severing by ADF/cofilin,” Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 20, 4157–4171 (2022).

+ S. Kar, S. V. Jaswandkar, K. S. Katti, J. W. Kang, P. T. C. So, R. Paulmurugan, D. Liepmann, R. Venkatesan, and D. R. Katti, “Label-free discrimination of tumorigenesis stages using in vitro prostate cancer bone metastasis model by Raman imaging,” Scientific Reports 12, 8050 (2022).

+ H. M. N. Faisal, K. S. Katti, and D. R. Katti, “An insight into quartz mineral interactions with kerogen in Green River oil shale,” International Journal of Coal Geology 238, 103729 (2021).

+ H. M. N. Faisal, K. S. Katti, and D. R. Katti, “Binding of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) and SARS-COV to human ACE2: Identifying binding sites and consequences on ACE2 stiffness,” Chemical Physics 551, 111353 (2021).

+ H. M. N. Faisal, K. S. Katti, and D. R. Katti, “Molecular mechanics of the swelling clay tactoid under compression, tension and shear,” Applied Clay Science 200, 105908 (2021).

+ S. V. Jaswandkar, H. M. N. Faisal, K. S. Katti, and D. R. Katti, “Dissociation mechanisms of G-actin subunits govern deformation response of actin filament,” Biomacromolecules 22, 907–917 (2021).

+ K. S. Katti, H. Jasuja, S. Kar, and D. R. Katti, “Nanostructured biomaterials for in vitro models of bone metastasis cancer,” Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering 17, 100254 (2021).

+ M. D. S. Molla, D. R. Katti, and K. S. Katti, “Mechanobiological evaluation of prostate cancer metastasis to bone using an in vitro prostate cancer testbed,” Journal of Biomechanics 114, 110142 (2021).

+ H. Jasuja, S. Kar, D. R. Katti, and K. S. Katti, “Perfusion bioreactor enabled fluid-derived shear stress conditions for novel bone metastatic prostate cancer testbed,” Biofabrication 13, 035004 (2021).

+ J. Du, D. Katti, and H. Heinz, “Multiscale experiments and modeling in biomaterials and biological materials, Part I,” JOM 73, 1673–1675 (2021).

+ J. Du, D. Katti, and H. Heinz, “Multiscale experiments and modeling in biomaterials and biological materials, Part II,” JOM 73, 2332–2334 (2021).

+ A. B. Croll, Y. Liao, Z. Li, W. M. A. Jayawardana, T. Elder, and W. Xia, “Sticky crumpled matter,” Matter 5, 1792–1805 (2022).

+ A. Alesadi, Z. Cao, Z. Li, S. Zhang, H. Zhao, X. Gu, and W. Xia, “Machine learning prediction of glass transition temperature of conjugated polymers from chemical structure”, Cell Reports Physical Science 3, 10091 (2022).

+ S. Ghazanfari, H. M. N. Faisal, K. S. Katti, D. R. Katti, and W. Xia, “A coarse-grained model for the mechanical behavior of Na-montmorillonite clay,” Langmuir 38, 4859–4869 (2022).

+ N. A. Miller, Z. Li, W. Xia, and C. S. Davis, “Buckling mechanics modulus measurement of anisotropic cellulose nanocrystal thin films,” ACS Applied Polymer Materials 4, 3045–3053 (2022).

+ Y. Liao, Z. Li, W. Nie, and W. Xia, “Effect of reconstructed vacancy defects on the crumpling behavior of graphene sheets,” Forces in Mechanics 6, 100057 (2022).

+ Z. Li, Y. Liao, Y. Zhang, Yida Zhang, and W. Xia, “Microstructure and dynamics of nanocellulose films: Insights into the deformational behavior,” Extreme Mechanics Letters 50, 101519 (2022).

+ Y. Liao, Z. Li, S. Ghazanfari, F. Fatima, A. B. Croll, and W. Xia, “Understanding the role of self-adhesion in crumpling behaviors of sheet macromolecules,” Langmuir 37, 8627–8637 (2021).

+ C. Bulathsinghalage and L. Liu, “Transfer learning pre-training dataset effect analysis for breast cancer imaging,” Proceedings of 14th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 83, 108–115 (2022).

+ C. Bulathsinghalage and L. Liu, “A heuristic strategy for multi-mapping reads to enhance Hi-C data,” 2021 IEEE 21st International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE), pp. 1–6 (2021).

+ A. Karuth, A. Alesadi, A. Vashisth, W. Xia, and B. Rasulev, “A reactive molecular dynamics study of hygrothermal degradation of crosslinked epoxy polymers,” ACS Applied Polymer Materials 4, 4411–4423 (2022).

+ G. P. J. Varghese, D. A. David, A. Karuth, F. M. J. Jabeen, P. M. S. Begum, J. J. George, B. Rasulev, and P. Raghavan, “Experimental and simulation studies on nonwoven polypropylene–nitrile rubber blend: Recycling of medical face masks to an engineering product,”  ACS Omega 7, 4791–4803 (2022). 

+ N. Fjodorova, M. Novič, K. Venko, V. Drgan, B. Rasulev, M. T. Saçan, S. S. Erdem, G. Tugcu, A. P. Toropova, and A. A. Toropov, “How fullerene derivatives (FDs) act on therapeutically important targets associated with diabetic diseases,” Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 20, 913–924 (2022).

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