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Below is an overview of polling options at NDSU.


Polling allows for engagement, interaction, and real-time instructor feedback to ensure students are retaining information. It allows instructors to ask questions and assess student understanding. 

  • pointsolutions - add polling in your content or use quick informal polls with your students/participants. Results can be automatically uploaded to your Blackboard Learn Original Grade Center. 
  • Class Collaborate Ultra – users can poll to give their attendees opportunities to participate, be engaged, and provide feedback.
  • Microsoft Teams - you can poll to gather feedback from students or participants. 
  • Zoom - allows users to create and launch single or multiple-choice polling questions during or prior to a Zoom session to gather responses from the students/participants.

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Intended Audience

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

Using this solution


24/7/365 [*Standard outages]


University-funded: no charge.


Must be a campus-supported product

Getting Started

  • Getting started will vary by the product selected. Review specific products as starting point.

Best Practices

  • Include polling information in your syllabus describing the purpose and how it can improve student engagement and learning. 
  • Inform students of any technology they will need to participate. 
  • Be sure to identify the learning goals you plan to achieve. 
  • Think about the questions, activities, and discussions that will best help you achieve your desired student learning goals. 
  • Review the technology requirements for your course 
  • Follow instructor-provided instructions 
  • Use a vendor-supported and updated browser

Learn More/How To's:

  • How To's will vary by the product selected. Review specific products as starting point.


  • FAQs will vary by the product selected. Review specific products as starting point.

Use Cases

  • Assess students’ understanding in real time 
  • Delayed scheduling allows students to take polls at a later time (Echo360) 
  • Facilitate discussions 
  • Encourage students to reflect on course material 
  • Actively engage students in the learning process

Universal Design/Accessibility

  • Ensure that any product that is used is accessible to all students. Offer alternatives to meet the needs of students following the guidelines of Universal Design for Learning

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