1. Training and Workshops - Upcoming Training
  2. Blackboard Ally
  3. Training and Workshops - Recorded Trainings
  4. Instrumented Classrooms - Table
  5. Groupwork in a HyFlex Teaching Environment
  6. Blackboard - Automated Regrading Tests
  7. Faculty End of the Semester Tips and Checklist
  8. Teaching HyFlex in Instrumented Classrooms
  9. Using the SMART Panels in the Classroom
  10. Beginning of Semester Tips
  11. Teaching HyFlex
  12. Universal Design for Learning
  13. Adding Headings to a Document - Microsoft Word
  14. Add Headings in the Blackboard Content Editor
  15. Add Alternative Text to Images in Blackboard
  16. Basic Guidelines for Creating Accessible Documents
  17. Blackboard Ally Basics
  18. Using the Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Office Applications
  19. Add Alternative Text to Images in Microsoft Office Documents
  20. Zoom - Personalize Your Account
  21. Zoom - Guide for Students
  22. Teaching HyFlex - Recommended Equipment
  23. Blackboard Tests - Tips for Instructors
  24. Blackboard Tests - Test-Taking Tips for Students
  25. Blackboard - New Content Editor Frequently Asked Questions
  26. Zoom - How to Join Zoom Meetings Through Blackboard
  27. Voice Thread Fast Start Guide for Instructors
  28. Zoom - Everything You Need to Know About Zoom
  29. Zoom - Screen Sharing Options for Zoom Meetings
  30. Zoom - Breakout Rooms
  31. Zoom - Preparing for and Joining Your Zoom Class Meeting
  32. Zoom - Activate Your NDSU Zoom Account
  33. Zoom - Attendance Report
  34. Using a Document Camera
  35. Student Engagement in the HyFlex Environment
  36. Displaying a Remote or Mobile Device
  37. Screen Sharing from an Instructor Station
  38. Displaying a Laptop Screen
  39. Podium Quickstart Guide
  40. Web Conferencing - Software Comparison
  41. Options for Whiteboards When Teaching HyFlex
  42. Web conferencing Best Practices: Teaching in a HyFlex Environment
  43. What is HyFlex at NDSU?
  44. Web Conferencing How-To Guides and Comparison
  45. Zoom - Using Zoom in Blackboard
  46. Teaching HyFlex from Home
  47. Tips to Increase Internet Connection Strength
  48. Tips for Teaching HyFlex in the Room You are Assigned
  49. Tips to Increase Connection During a Synchronous Session
  50. Make the Switch to Remote Teaching
  51. Accessibility Tips in a HyFlex Teaching Environment
  52. Active Learning Tips in HyFlex Environments
  53. Assessment Strategies in a HyFlex Environment
  54. First Day Teaching HyFlex at NDSU Checklist
  55. Attendance Strategies in HyFlex Environments