1. Instrumented Classrooms - Table
  2. Training and Workshops - Recorded Trainings
  3. Training and Workshops - Upcoming Training
  4. Zoom - How to Join Zoom Meetings Through Blackboard
  5. Voice Thread Fast Start Guide for Instructors
  6. Zoom - Everything You Need to Know About Zoom
  7. Zoom - Screen Sharing Options for Zoom Meetings
  8. Teaching HyFlex
  9. Teaching HyFlex in Instrumented Classooms (basic setup and no extra technology)
  10. Zoom - Breakout Rooms
  11. Zoom - Preparing for and Joining Your Zoom Class Meeting
  12. Zoom - Guide for Students
  13. Zoom - Activate Your NDSU Zoom Account
  14. Zoom - Attendance Report
  15. Teaching HyFlex in Temporary/Nontraditional Classrooms (limited technology)
  16. Using a Document Camera
  17. Student Engagement in the HyFlex Environment
  18. Displaying a Remote or Mobile Device
  19. Screen Sharing from an Instructor Station
  20. Displaying a Laptop Screen
  21. Podium Quickstart Guide
  22. Web Conferencing - Software Comparison
  23. Options for Whiteboards When Teaching HyFlex
  24. Using the SMART Panels in the Classroom
  25. Zoom - Using Zoom in Blackboard
  26. Web conferencing Best Practices: Teaching in a HyFlex Environment
  27. What is HyFlex at NDSU?
  28. Web Conferencing How-To Guides and Comparison
  29. Tips to Increase Internet Connection Strength
  30. Tips for Teaching HyFlex in the Room You are Assigned
  31. Tips to Increase Connection During a Synchronous Session
  32. Teaching HyFlex from Home
  33. Make the Switch to Remote Teaching
  34. Assignment Tips Teaching in a HyFlex Environment
  35. Accessibility Tips in a HyFlex Teaching Environment
  36. Active Learning Tips in HyFlex Environments
  37. Assessment Strategies in a HyFlex Environment