Training and Workshops - Workshop Catalog

The following list includes workshops and training sessions that have been offered by the Learning and Applied Innovation team. You may request sessions from this list or contact us to discuss your specific learning needs.

Blackboard Quickstart 

Covers the essentials to managing your class in Blackboard including adding and organizing content, making courses and materials available, communicating with your students and using the Grade Center. 

Blackboard Tests and Surveys 

Create exams and surveys to be administered and graded in Blackboard. Apply best practices to deter cheating, provide feedback and set parameters to best suit the needs of you and your students. 

Facilitating group work in Blackboard 

Use the tools available in Blackboard to better facilitate student group work. This workshop will cover assigning students to groups, communicating expectations, generating group assignments and projects, managing peer feedback and individual and group assessment. 

Blackboard: Make Grade Center Work for You 

Use the Blackboard Grade Center to automate grading processes, provide grades and feedback to students, and upload grades directly to Campus Connection. 

Blackboard: Providing Student Feedback

 Provide student feedback using a variety of different feedback tools available in Blackboard including assignments, quizzes, grade center, discussion boards and more. 

Weighting Grades Using Categories and Calculated Columns in the Grade Center 

The Blackboard Grade Center can accommodate a variety of different grade weighting schemes. Learn how to calculate columns and categories to weight grades and to drop selected scores by specified criteria. 

Enhance Student Assessment with the Rubric Tool 

Create, add, edit and implement rubrics in Blackboard and apply them to facilitate student assessment and feedback. 

Retention Center: Monitor Student Performance and Identify Students at Risk 

Using Blackboard Retention Center you will create multiple rules to visually display student engagement and participation. Apply this information to identify at risk students and communicate actions for improvement. 

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Web Conferencing in your Bb courses 

Participants will learn to conduct a web conference for meetings and synchronous online class sessions using Collaborate Ultra. In addition to best practices for web conferencing, you will explore tools that enable you to actively engage your participants. 

VoiceThread - Introduction 

VoiceThread is a presentation tool that not only allows you to add voice and video narration to your PowerPoint slideshows, but it also allows students to add voice, text, or video comments to any slide. Adding these interactive discussion elements to your lecture can make for a more enriching student experience. 

Universal Design and Accessible Course Content 

Participants will learn the concepts of universal design for learning and accessibility and demonstrate the ability make course content in Blackboard accessible for everyone. 

Principles of Multimedia Design for Instruction & eLearning 

Whether you are teaching online, implementing a blended or flipped approach or simply using PowerPoint in your classroom lectures, multimedia is virtually inescapable in education today and it is important to consider the impact that multimedia design can have on learning. 

YuJa: Getting started with video management 

Learn to record, organize and share video content using the YuJa video management platform. 

Create an ePortfolio or Website in Wix or Google Sites 

Create a feature rich personal website or ePortfolio in free website creating tools: Wix or Google Sites. 

Camtasia: Introduction to Screen Recording and Video Editing 

Record video screen captures with audio, import existing media, edit your video and enhance it with effects, call-outs, text, animations and more. 

Adobe Premiere Elements: Getting started in video editing 

Perform basic tasks in assembling, editing and publishing a video project. 

Creating a poster in PowerPoint

Learn to create a large scale poster that is ready to print. An overview of design principles will accompany design and layout parameters within PowerPoint as you learn to use a familiar tool in a new way. 

Podcasting in Audacity 

Acquire the basic skills to start creating your own podcast. This session will cover device configuration, recording and importing audio, editing, mixing multiple tracks and exporting your final project. 

Google Apps for Education 

Discover the potential of Google Apps for Education as you explore Google Classroom, Drive, Docs, Forms and more. 

Thesis Formatting in Microsoft Word 

Learn to identify and fix common problems in a long Word documents such as Thesis or Dissertations. Or better yet, learn how to set up your documents early on so you can avoid these common problems altogether. 

5 Multimedia Projects in PowerPoint 

Allow a familiar tool to expand your skill set. PowerPoint is a lot more than tool for live presentation slide shows. Join us to learn how PowerPoint can be used to for common graphic design and multimedia projects. 

Excel: For Beginners Only 

Beginners will gain familiarity with the Excel environment and some of the basic tasks it can perform. 

Excel: Charts and Filters 

Represent data visually in charts and graphs. 

Excel: Advanced Formulas 

Use common functions and formulas to perform specific tasks. 

Excel: Pivot Tables and Recording Macros 

Use macros to automate repetitive tasks and Pivot Tables to extract just the data you need without constantly rearranging your worksheets or creating new worksheets.

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