YuJa - Taking a Proctored Exam as a Student

Below are step by step instructions for students to take a YuJa proctored exam.

To take a Yuja proctored exam, you must have:

Taking a YuJa Proctored Exam YouTube Video (2:15)

YuJa Proctored Exam Written Steps

  1. Log into your course in Blackboard
  2. Select “Tools
  3. On the “Tools” page, scroll down and select “Yuja - NDSU
  4. Click “Create Recording
  5. If haven’t used Yuja on this device before, click the “Download” link
  6. Select “Start an exam proctoring session” from the drop-down list
  7. Select your class from the second-drop down list
  8. Click “Start Proctoring
  9. When prompted, select “Open Yuja Software Capture
  10. Make sure your webcam video, microphone, and screen recording are working correctly. Use the menu on the left to select the correct Video and Audio sources.
  11. Click “Photo ID” 
  12. Hold up your NDSU ID card with your picture and ID number clearly visible. Click “Take Picture” and “Confirm” when you are ready
  13. Click the red “Start” button when you are ready to begin taking the exam
  14. Minimize the Yuja window. Return to your course and start the exam.
  15. When finished, Submit the exam, then click the Yuja icon on the toolbar
  16. Click “Finish” then click “Yes”. 
Leave the computer on and connected to the Internet until the upload is finished and you receive an email notification that your exam video was successfully uploaded to your instructor. 

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