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Taking a YuJa Proctored Exam

Below are instructions on how to take a YuJa proctored exam.

Note: If you are a “New User”, use the link below for the YuJa Desktop download and install. The YuJa Client downloaded directly from YuJa no longer supports proctoring. The download that supports proctoring is available at YuJa Proctoring Desktop Application.

Watch video instructions on Taking a Yuja Proctored Exam (3:43)

To take a YuJa proctored exam, you must have:

Note: If you are required to use both Yuja Exam Proctoring and Respondus LockDown Browser for the same test, you must start the YuJa exam recording using a different browser first (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, etc.), then close that browser and open the Respondus LockDown Browser to log in to Blackboard Learn Original and begin the test.

    YuJa Proctored Exam Steps

    1. Log into your course in Blackboard Learn Original
    2. Select Tools > YuJa - NDSU
    3. Click Create Recording
    4. If you haven’t used YuJa on this device before, Do Not Click on the Download and install link. Instead download the YuJa desktop application that includes the Test Proctoring feature available at YuJa Proctoring Desktop Application.

    5. Select Start an Exam Proctoring Session from the Create Recording dialog box. If you do not see the exam proctoring, If they do not see Exam Proctoring you will need to uninstall/delete YuJa and then download and install this version of the Yuja Proctoring Desktop Application.

    6. Select your class from the second drop-down list

      select your course
    7. Click Start Proctoring. You will be prompted to Agree to the Exam Proctoring Agreement.

    8. If prompted, select Open YuJa Software Capture

      MACINTOSH Users Only: If you see this message and have two monitors connected:
      "Invalid Proctor Setup Detected There was an error initializing your proctoring session. Please resolve the following issue(s) and restart the session; Proctor session does not support more than one monitor, please disconnect the additional ones."

      Click OK, disconnect one monitor, and restart the recording process.
    9. Check to make sure your webcam video, microphone, and screen recording are working correctly. Use the menu on the left to select the correct Video and Audio sources.

    10. Click Photo ID
    11. Hold up your NDSU ID card with your picture and ID number clearly visible. Click Take Picture and Confirm when you are ready
    12. Click the red “Start” button when you are ready to begin the exam
    13. Minimize the YuJa window. Return to your course and start the exam
    14. When finished, Submit the exam, then click the YuJa icon on the toolbar
    15. Click Finish, then click Yes
    Leave the computer on and connected to the Internet until the upload is finished and you receive an email notification that your exam video was successfully uploaded to your instructor.

    Note: If the video appears in your YuJa Media Library after recording it, your instructor will not receive a copy. Contact the NDSU IT Help Desk to request the video to be moved to your instructor's YuJa account. This situation occurs if you did not select the "Start an Exam Proctoring Session" option before you started the recording.

    YuJa Toll-Free Support:  24/7 Total User Support at 1-888-257-2278

    For help, contact YuJa Support and/or submit a Help Desk Ticket


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