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Departmental Printing - Send scans to your email with a MFP

Below is an overview of MFP printing on campus at NDSU.

Supported Lanier multifunction printers

Lanier printers are supplied through the Print and Copy Services Department. These Laniers are placed onto campus PCs and are managed, maintained, and updated on a regular basis. Laniers are pre-configured by Print and Copy Services and are ready to be installed on your PC. 

Learn how to install a Lanier:

Other printers with scan-to-email capabilities

Printers Must conform to the Security Standards for Printers

Other options for unsupported multifunction printer

Any device that generates email and sends email via NDSU's SMTP server must be registered in the Resource Database. Before you can register a multifunction printer with the Resource Database, the device must already have an assigned static or static DHCP name assigned to it.

When completing the Resource Database form to register a multifunction printer, you will need to enter information in the following fields:

  1. Log in to the Resource Database using your NDSU username and password
  2. Click Register Device
  3. Enter the fully qualified domain name of your device in the Domain box
  4. Start typing the name of your Department in the Department box
  5. Select your Department
  6. Select Start Date - must be at least 1 day in the future
  7. Enter the EID of the Technical Contact
  8. Select your Device Settings
    • Directly Send Emails - select if your device will send emails directly
    • Indirectly Send Emails - select if your device will need to send emails through (does not have its own mail server)
    • Receive Emails - select if your device will also receive emails
  9. Click Register

After completed SMTP Server Request is saved, NDSU IT Security will be notified. IT Security will review the information provided and may follow up with additional questions. Once approved, it takes 5 to 10 minutes before the device will be able to use to relay email.

Configure device with relay

Each device may use different terms in its configuration screens, but you will most likely need four categories of information:

Settings table
MFP Option NDSU Setting Comments
SMTP Server Various terms your device may use for this are "Outgoing SMTP relay", "Email relay", "SMTP Server" or something similar.
Port 587 (preferred) or 25 can accept email from registered devices on either port 587 or port 25. Port 587 is preferred, but if your device doesn't support email submission via port 587 or if it works less reliably using port 587, then consider using port 25.
Encryption Required supports TLS 1.2 encryption.
Authentication Not required Because you have registered the device with the NDSU IT Resource Database, no additional device authentication is required. Fields for username or password can be left blank.

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