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Relocating Computers

This document tells you the process for moving an ITS-supported computer to another location.

If the ITS-supported computer you use for work is going to be moved to another location because you are changing offices or the computer is going to be used by someone else, it is important to notify ITS of this change.  Office computers are tracked by location and if the computer is moved, maintenance of the computer may fail without making these changes.

  1. Notify ITS that your computer is moving by calling the IT Help Desk at 231-8685 option 1.  Call when you know what the new location will be--including the exact room number (242J4, for example).
  2. The IT Help Desk should submit a trouble ticket for the desktop support team to prepare the computer for the new location.
    • Old computer name and current location 
    • New computer location
    • If the computer will be used by the same person
    • Information to include:
  3. If the computer will be used by a different person, ITS will re-image the computer and other software programs will need to be re-installed.  This is the most convenient time for refreshing/cleaning up the computer.
    • Submit a completed PC Install checklist--in order to verify that all connected devices and programs are configured the way you need
    • Submit a software request form
    • To re-install the IT Help Desk will ask you (or your department software contact) to:
  4. The desktop support team will prepare the computer for the new location by completing these steps:
    • Change the computer name
    • Change the label on the computer to reflect the new name (so you can provide correct information if you call the IT Help Desk for assistance in the future)
    • Re-install Windows and other programs or add/remove users if requested to do so
    • Add new printers (or remove old ones) relevant to new location

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