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Blackboard Ultra FAQs for Instructors

Common questions and answers are listed in this Blackboard Ultra FAQ article. We continue to update as we find additional questions and answers.


Copying Content from Original to Ultra

1. If I'm copying a folder from a previous semester that used Blackboard Learn Original, will all its contents be copied? 

Copying content in Ultra lets you choose to copy a folder and all its contents, or specific content from inside folders. It is recommended that you copy only the items you need rather than the entire folder. Ultra will let you copy content from Original and will alert you if there would be a problem copying something from Original to Ultra. Please watch this video to know about How to Copy Course Materials from Blackboard Original/Ultra to Blackboard Ultra


1. Are modules in Blackboard Learn Ultra like modules in Blackboard Learn Original? 

Modules in Ultra are quite distinct compared to modules in Original. Modules in Ultra are like folders, where they allow you to put content such as documents, assignments, tests, and other folders in them. Modules in Ultra also have other features to help make them different from folders, such as the ability to add images to separate modules, and the Forced Sequence option, which makes students work on each piece of content in a module in order before they can progress to working on the next one.

2. Are the options to only display a module/folder/assignment for a specific amount of time still present in Blackboard Learn Ultra? 

Yes, Ultra still has the functionality to only display content after a specific date or to display content until a specific date is reached. When selecting the visibility of a piece of content, these parameters can be set using the Release conditions choice.

3. Can students see the titles of content that is not yet accessible in a module with Forced Sequence enabled?

Content that is locked in a Forced Sequence module is visible to students, but they cannot access the contents of it until they have progressed to that point in the module.

Inserting Content from Textbooks and Videos

1. Can content from online textbooks be embedded in Blackboard Learn Ultra, such as videos? 

Content available from textbooks can be added via the Content Market option when adding content to a course, module, or folder.

2. Can you embed Yuja videos in Blackboard Learn Ultra like you could in Blackboard Learn Original?

Yuja videos can be embedded or recorded from the Yuja Media Chooser option in the Content Market.

Student Course Activity Tracking

1. Can the Gradebook inform me when a student is not performing well and remind me to send a note to them? Can the Gradebook inform the student as well? 

Yes, the Analytics tab on the Navigation Bar is where you can do that. For more information, please visit this KB page NEW Ultra Course View for Instructors


1. What is Accommodation in Ultra and how does it affect students in a group?

Accommodation is assigning students certain rights i.e. submitting assignments late, having extra time to finish their work, due date accommodations allowing students' work not to be marked as late. If students have specific accommodations and they are part of a group, then all students in that group will inherit that accommodation.

2. What are the types of ways I can create groups in Ultra?

Creating groups in Ultra can be done in three ways:

  • Custom - The instructor adds specific members to certain groups
  • Random - The instructor selects the number of groups and students in a group, and they are assigned randomly
  • Self-enrollment - Students self-enroll to a group that has been created.

Instructors can choose which option is OK . For more information, please visit this KB page NEW Ultra Course View for Instructors

3. What happens if students do not self-enroll in a group and the enrollment due date passes?

If an instructor creates a self-enrollment group(s) and students do not join groups before the deadline required for enrolling in a group, they will be automatically added randomly to any groups that are not filled.

Content Visibility

1. Can I adjust the student visibility of an item?

Yes. Blackboard Ultra allows instructors to control the visibility of course content by making items visible or hidden to students, or by setting content release conditions based on date time, user/group ID, or grade performance.

By default, all newly-created content in Ultra course view is hidden from students until you make it visible. Other instructors, TA's, and course builders can see all course content regardless of its visibility setting.

To adjust the student visibility of an item -

1. Open the dropdown menu in the item header

2. If a link is hidden, it is denoted by a diagonal line through contents icon. To unhide a hidden content, which would make it visible to students, select Visible to Students from the options menu. 

3. If a link is visible, select Hidden from Students from the options menu, to hide it from student view. 


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