Helpful People Across NDSU Campus – Hannah Prigge

Helpful People Across NDSU Campus - Hannah Prigge

For the month of November, we decided to highlight helpful staff across the campus. We randomly selected four helpful members of the NDSU community. These individuals are not only helpful to students but being familiar with them can be helpful for faculty, as well. Imagine a student comes to you and is having trouble following their dietary needs. Where would you guide them? Who would be the best person to answer your students’ queries?

NDSU Dining’s Menu Management Coordinator and Dietician, Hannah Prigge, is here to answer these questions. Prigge spends most of her time updating NDSU Dining’s menu management system, FoodPro, which stores all of the information about the ingredients, recipes, and menus the dining department uses. This allows Prigge to stay up to date on what food is being served throughout the department and identify which recipes include allergens, or are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free.  Prigge also works with students who have food allergies or other dietary needs in order to help make sure they feel comfortable navigating the dining centers and find foods that fit with their dietary needs.

Students who have any food allergies or different dietary needs should feel free to reach out to Prigge. Students can fill out the dietary needs form on the NDSU Dining website (Dietary Needs | Dining | NDSU). Through that she can reach back out to any student who would like further information and provide them with the most up to date information about their options when eating in the dining center or food court. It’s helpful to reach out to Prigge if a student has any dietary restrictions. This helps the Dining department makes changes to the menus, while considering the needs of students. Prigge can be reached through her email as well at If you prefer to meet in person, or talk through your questions over the phone, Prigge is someone who is willing to connect that way too – just reach out through the form or email listed above and mention how you would prefer to communicate.

Prigge advises faculty members to ask their students who have a food allergy or a dietary need to reach out with ANY questions or suggestions they might have. Besides that, she recommends downloading the NDSU Dining App. The app displays the menus being served at the dining centers, and provides a link to the nutrition information page where you can view the nutrition labels for most items being served.  The nutrition tab also has a link to filter out allergens or to search for recipes being served in the upcoming week. It’s a quick and easy way to see when (and where) a specific dish is being served next. You can also view the menus online without having to use the app.

Hannah Prigge, RD, LRD
Hanhah Prigge, RD, LRD

Menu Management Coordinator / Dietitian / Dining


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