Helpful People Across Campus – Megan Talcott

Helpful People Across Campus - Megan Talcott

For the month of November, we decided to highlight helpful staff across the campus. We randomly selected four helpful members of the NDSU community. These individuals are not only helpful to students but being familiar with them can be helpful for faculty , as well. Imagine if one of your students or someone they know has experienced sexual assault or dating violence. Where would you guide them? Who would be the best person for the student to seek help from?

NDSU’s Student Health Service’s sexual assault prevention and advocacy coordinator, Megan Talcott is here to answer all these questions. Talcott has been serving NDSU since 2018. Her role is twofold. Firstly, she works with students who have experienced violence including sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking to help them understand their rights and access resources on campus or in the community. She also works on education and prevention efforts through programs like We Take A Stand, Take Back the Night, Denim Day, and Sexual Assault Prevention Month, among others.

Students often reach out to Talcott if they themselves or someone they know has experienced violence. Talcott talks with students about common responses to trauma or violence and provides emotional support. She also helps students understand their rights and access resources following an assault. This could include accommodations like a change in classes or housing if they no longer feel safe in class or their residence hall. Talcott can help survivors talk with faculty and staff about extensions on assignments or exams, no contact orders, Title IX and Student Conduct, and campus and community counseling resources. Her goal is to help survivors understand all of their options so that they can decide what works best for them.

Students can reach out to Talcott by emailing or calling 270-231-5733. They can also find more information about her role at

Talcott further says that there is no right or wrong way to respond to violence like sexual violence, dating violence, or stalking. Every survivor responds differently, and every survivor’s response is valid. Students who experienced violence deserve the right to talk about their experience when they are ready, on their own terms.  They deserve to be believed and supported. If any student would like to talk about their experience, or would like support, they should know that they have people on campus who care and want to help.

Talcott Megan
Megan Talcott (she/her/hers)

Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy Coordinator  /  Student Health Service



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