Qualtrics - Distribution Error Codes

Error codes can appear at the top of a survey invitation distribution to specify why it hasn’t been sent. The table below provides a list of error codes and possible solutions.

Distribution Error Codes

Distribution Error Codes
Error Code Meaning
EQD01 Your organization’s access to Qualtrics has been suspended. If you are a Brand Administrator, please reach out to Qualtrics Support for more information.
EQD02 You are not authorized to send email. Contact your Brand Administrator to make sure you have the necessary email permissions enabled. This usually means “Access Mailer” needs to be enabled.
EQD03 You have exceeded the number of allowed emails for your account. Contact your Brand Administrator. If you belong to an academic brand, reach out to Qualtrics Support.
EQD04 Your organization has exceeded the number of allowed emails. Your Brand Administrator must reach out to your Account Executive.
EQD06 You do not have access to this survey. You either need to ask the survey owner to collaborate on it with you, or, if your colleague has left the company, ask that your Brand Administrator transfer the survey to you.
EQD09 The survey is not active. Activate the survey to distribute.
EQD10 Your account is not active. Contact your Brand Administrator to activate your account.
EQD11 The recipient(s) for this distribution have been deleted. This means the contact list or members of the contact list were deleted.
EQD12 The survey has been deleted.
EQD13 The subject or message has been deleted from the library.
EQD14 The distribution has been deleted.
EQD15 The survey link has expired.
EQD16 The initial survey invitation has not been distributed. A reminder cannot be sent before the initial survey invitation has been distributed. Check the dates on your distributions.
EQD17 Your organization is not authorized to send from this domain. Please look into setting up a custom FROM domain or an SMTP relay with your IT team.
EQD18 Your organization’s email server is misconfigured. This is likely because you have not set up your SMTP relay correctly. Contact your organization’s IT team to ensure these settings are configured correctly.
EQD19 Qualtrics was unable to connect to your organization’s email server. This is likely because you have not set up your SMTP relay correctly, or the server you’ve established an SMTP relay with is down. Contact your organization’s IT team.
EQD20 The subject or message has not been set for this distribution.
EQD95 Unknown error. Please contact Qualtrics Support to troubleshoot further.
EQD99 There was a communication failure of some kind. If this issue persists, reach out to Qualtrics Support so they can escalate this error.


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