Qualtrics - How can you tell who got the emails from distribution list and still be anonymous survey

You will still be able to see the distribution history, but you will not be able to connect an email to an answer, when you start anonymizing responses, found in the Survey Options Security tab at the bottom.

    Anonymizing responses

    When you start the survey with Anonymizing responses enabled, you will be unable to monitor the respondents' IP, Location, GPS, or email address.  After the survey has ended, you can turn on anonymizing responses to remove the tracking information.

    1. Survey options
    2. Security 
    3. Turn on Anonymize Responses

    Survey options, Security

    Distributions details

    Distributions details will tell you after you sent the invite how many people Started, Finish the survey within minutes of the email going out.  If you want more information you can click on Show Details to see number for Emails Sent, Emails Failed, Surveys Started, Surveys Finished, Emails Bounced, Duplicate Email, and Complaints.

    1. Distributions
    2. Email
    3. Show Details is optional if you need more information

    Distributions, Email information

    The message with the on/off switch The option to receive an email summary of messages sent, failed, and bounced every Tuesday is new, and I haven't enabled it for any of my surveys.

    Here is an example with Show Details

    Email contact details

    Download history

    Downloading the history will provide you with the names of the persons in an excel file.

    1. Distributions
    2. Emails
    3. Down arrow
    4. Download history


    The download history will be displayed as an excel sheet in your downloads.

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