Qualtrics - How do you create questions to confirm your email address?

How to Make Email Confirmation Questions.

    Confirm your email address

    You will need to setup two questions: 

    One question will ask for the email address and add validation as email.

    1. Create question
    2. Make required
    3. Add validation
    4. click the down arrow that says Minimum length
    5. Content type
    6. Email address

    showing question and add validation and minimum length

    Content type

    Email address

    Second question will a validation as custom.  To get the custom validation you will need to pipe the information from the email question (first question you setup).  Copy the piping information into the confirm email address question. (second question you setup)

    1. Create the second question: Please confirm the email address
      1. Make it require
    2. Go back to question asking for the email address (first question you setup)
    3. Check the box and click Piped text tab
    4. pick Survey Question 
    5. find the Question that is asking for email
    6. Click Email address
    7. Copy the piping information - Show look like this ${q://QID18/ChoiceTextEntryValue
    8. check the second question where you are asking for confirm the email address
    9. Add validation
    10. Custom
    11. Pick the question for Confirm the email address
    12. Pick the choice Please confirm the email address
    13. Pick Is Equal to
    14. Paste the piping information
    15. Optional check the Ignore Case
    16. Load a email does not match error message
    17. Save

    Showing the second question asking to confirm email address

    piped text, survey question, email address, email address on the first question

    second question adding validation, custom

    custom validation picking the question to and choice

    custom Validation copying the piped information and clicking on Ignore Case, and load a saved message

    Do not forget to delete the piping information if you see it in first question like it show above after you copied it in the custom validation.


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