Qualtrics - How to Reverse the order of the choices without rekeying or moving

Reverse the order of the options with just three clicks.

    Reverse order of Choices 

    1. Check the question
    2. Turn on Use suggested choices
    3. Check Reverse order

    showing checked question and Use suggested choices, Reverse order

    When you reverse the order, make sure to check the value of the options.

    1. Check the question
    2. Recode values
    3. Check recode values

    checking Recode Values

    Remember that the default first choice is value is 1 and the next choice would be 2...But if you are listing a positive choice first example Strongly Agree.  In order for the means to be accurate, you would then adjust the value to 5 and work your way down to 1 or 0.

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