Qualtrics - Make a choice disappear once quota has been reached

This setup is useful for registrations with choices disappear once quota has been reached.


    You will set Quota for each choice that you would like to disappear.

    Warning:  Quotas aren't always foolproof.  Quota information is not saved until the respondent submits their survey, giving respondents time to change their answers or deliberate over their choices.  Because more than one person can enter the survey at a time there is chance that multiple people submit answers at the same time, possibly resulting in going over quota.  For this reason, we caution against users relying exclusively on quota data for providing any monetary rewards/Compensation to survey respondents.

    1. Quotas
    2. Add a quota
    3. Simple logic quota
    4. Create quota
    5. Set the Logic conditions
      1. Question, Embedded Data, Quota
      2. Pick the question
      3. Select Choice
      4. Condition (Is Selected, Is Not Selected, Is Displayed, Is Not Displayed)
    6. Quota Options - None (for skip logic and survey flow)
    7. Name the Quota (I use the choice as the name)
    8. Set the number for the Quota (change the right side number)

    Repeat for each choice

    showing Quota icon

    Show where Add a quota button is

    Simple logic quota and create quota button

    Setting conditions

    picking question

    Picking the choice

    Condition is selected

    Quota options after quota has met

    Name the quota

    set the number for quota

    Display logic for choices

    1. Click on the choice
      1. Add Display Logic
      2. Add logic
    2. Setting conditions (Quota)
      1. Pick the choice
      2. Has Not Been Met

    If you initially set all the quotas, you can complete all the options on a single screen.

    Add Display Logic

    Add logic



    Has not been met condition

    Showing the screen that you can set the display logic in one spot

    Display logic screen

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