Qualtrics - Organize your projects on the projects page.

Organize your projects by creating folders for similar surveys.

    Organize your projects on the project page

    All of the surveys will still be in your Project and Programs folder, but you may divide them into groups by adding folders beneath it. You can make folders within folders if you like.  Folders will be displayed in alphabetical order.

    Hint: When searching, make sure you're in the correct folder or use Project and Program.

    1. Home screen start with See all projects
    2. + Create new folder
      1. Name the folder
      2. Drag the surveys into the folder
    3. Optional Create a folder within a folder by highlighting the folder and clicking the three dots.
      1. Create sub-folder

    See all projects

    + Create new folder

    Name the folder and drag the surveys inside it.

    Optional Create a folder within folder

    Create folder within folder

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