Qualtrics - Loop and Merge

Just one example of how Loop and Merge can be used: If you want to allow 10 uploads instead of 9, use a question such as "How many uploads do you need if you can only do one upload per question without doing zip file?" Following that is the loop and merge block, which loops the uploaded file question the number of times the question ahead is set, and you can pip the field or loop number in for them in the question.

    Loop and Merge setup

    Create a question that is asking "How many....." question and make the question required.

    show a How many question

    1. Add validation
      1. Content type
        1. Number

    add validation

    Content type

    kinds of content type

    Add a new block for the loop questions you wish to ask, such as "about pets they have".  

    showing the new block

    Turning on Loop & merge for the Block 4

    1. Click on the white space by the word Block 4
    2. Block Behavior
      1. Loop & Merge
        1. Turn on Loop & Merge
        2. Check Loop based off of question
          1. Select Question
          2. Select Choice
          3. Max Loops
        3. Field 1 (tracks the loop)

    loop & merge option

    Turning the on the Loop & Merge

    Loop based off of a question

    select question

    Select Choice

    Pipe text Loop & Merge Field 1 is optional but useful for survey respondents.

    Pipe The Field 1 in all the questions

    1. check the question
    2. Click into the question so you see Rich Content Editor
    3. {A}
    4. Pipe Text from a....
      1. Loop & Merge
        1. Loop & Merge Fields
          1. Field

    question finding rich content editor

    finding pipe icon

    pipe text options

    Loop & Merge pipe text options

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