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What are the disadvantages of Text Entry verses Form Question Type for contact information? How to configure the format and validations in the Form Question Type.

    Form Question Type vs Text Entry Question Type

    When you utilize Text Entry to enter your contact information, you will be asked a question for each Name, Address, and so on.  When you look at the information on the result page or report, you will see all of the names before the address.  Using the Form Question type, all of the information is contained in a single question, but you can have varying size text boxes and Validations for each field.  All of the information for the person will be displayed in one line across on the result page or report.

    Format and validations in Form Question Type

    1. Click on edit Validation
      1. Text field size for each choice 
      2. Validation for each choice
    2. Back to preview mode

    Showing where to find the Click to edit validation

    showing the text field size and validation options

    Validation options

    showing validation options

    Text field size options

    showing the text field sizes

    There is no need to drag the text field size when using it. When you drag the size of the box, the default sizing is overridden. It makes no difference what size the box is since you can type as much as you want in it.

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